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Sex in water with escort

02 August 2022

Sex in the water

Watch out - from here it gets splashy! Because those who follow our blog closely know that in the last post we reported on the best ideas for summer vacation 2022. While the calendar has just rung in the meteorologically last month of summer, a drop in temperatures is still a long way off. But who knows, maybe you are currently already with your top class escort girl on the terrace of a gorgeous house by the sea and enjoy the time together. Or do you still have this in mind? In any case, the summer is perfect for an incredibly hot variant of the love game - namely sex in the water. 

Sex in the water: a popular fantasy

Water droplets on the skin reflecting the midday sun, comfortable feel-good temperatures and provocative bikinis that just barely cover the necessary parts of the body. The fact that in the summer vacation more often the desire is ignited and one looks for rather the proximity of their partner is nothing surprising. Also the reasons why many people have sex in the water as a fantasy are not so difficult to guess. Because to enjoy life with a beautiful woman by one's side in paradisiacal places is a real dream. The greater the attraction, the more lenient you become with the taboos... which means that the love game is no longer locally reduced to the bedroom or interiors. Making love to each other in the ocean waves, in the pool or in the Jacuzzi is an idea that can excite both partners equally. So why not live out this freedom? 

Bathtub eroticism and shower sex

One of the absolute classics is sex in the bathtub. The water can be heated or cooled freely at will and the amount of water can also be regulated precisely. Our tip: orientation the water temperature to the body temperature and bathe at about 38°Celsius. This temperature is optimal to increase sexual desire. 
But you can also experience hot erotic episodes in the shower. In our article you will find the best tips for an unforgettable experience.

Sex in the water: pool

To provide cooling from the summer heat is not the only benefit of a pool. After all, especially when you have a private pool at your disposal that no prying eyes can get too close to, clothing is really just optional. Sex in the water is especially fun in the pool. Because here you can look for firm hold in optimal water height. 

Making love in the sea

The equally most attractive as well as most public place for sex in the water is of course the sea. With its infinite expanses and dreamlike beauty, you can also quickly understand here what makes the desire rise. The gentle waves crash on the lovers and provide the maximum romance. However, remember: salt water is not pH neutral. An extensive shower after your tête-à-tête is a must. You should also pay close attention to your surroundings. Therefore, use either the early morning, or late evening hours to remain undisturbed. 

Sex in the water with escort ladies

With so much sexual tension, even your girlfriend on time will hardly be able to hold back. With all the anticipation, however, it should be said: sex in public is an absolute no-go for the high-class escort ladies. However, this should not dampen your spirits, after all, there are also excellent hotels with indoor pools, saunas and Jacuzzis. In addition, there is also often the possibility to rent spa areas exclusively. This would ensure maximum privacy ...