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Sporty escort girls of Ivana Models agency

07 December 2021

Sporty escort girls love exercise

That sports do not play an insignificant role in the lives of high-class escort ladies is not really a secret. After all, their toned and fit bodies make this readily apparent. While for some people sport is an additional physical burden, it can also be beneficial and fun. Not only is exercise very important as a balance in everyday life, it also makes it easier. Moreover, it shapes the irresistible bodies of the ladies. Therefore, sporty escort girls love movement of any kind. Especially now in the pre-Christmas period you enjoy something more than in the rest of the year. Wouldn't a joint sporty date be just the right thing? 

Dancing: the most popular way to move

If you take a look at the sedcards of first-class escort ladies, you will quickly notice: going out and dancing are almost always the favorite hobbies. For many ladies, the enthusiasm for rhythmic movement goes back many years. Often it started with ballet and then changed to hip-hop, standard or Latin American dances. What do they all have in common? The sensual movements to the beat of the music. There is something intoxicating about watching a beautiful woman in high heels dance. The ladies feel sexy and self-confident and this is also noticed by the male companions. 

Moreover, dancing improves stamina and shapes the female curves, which hardly any man can resist. Moreover, many ladies dream of dancing in the countries where the origin of music is. Don't you want to be the gentleman who makes this dream a reality? Why not relocate your next date abroad and combine it with new cultural impressions. 


Sport as a perfect balance to everyday life

The ladies of the Ivana Models agency exercise their activity on the sideline. Therefore, everyday life as a student or in her main job can also be stressful and demanding at times. Sport is an excellent way to balance the stresses of everyday life. Physical exercise clears the mind and is a good form of relaxation. The Ladies are particularly happy to share your sporting interests. For example, how about a refreshing morning run on the Mediterranean coast in the fresh breeze of the sea? You should also not underestimate your temporary girlfriend in a tennis match - she may even surprise you with an ace. If you are more drawn to winter sports you will quickly realize that your snow bunny will cut a great figure not only during apres-ski, but also when descending through powdery snow.  

Yoga - Balm for the Soul for Sporty Escort Girls

In recent years, yoga enjoys ever-increasing enthusiasm. But who underestimates the popular sport of India has been far wrong: it is more strenuous than one thinks at first glance. The muscles are loosened and challenged at the same time. There are so many different yoga exercises and sequences that even the Kamasutra book can hardly keep up. After all, the flexibility gained through yoga also comes in handy in the bedroom. By the way, it is a widespread misconception that yoga is only something for women. Would you like to try it out together? Maybe make yourself comfortable in your 5-star hotel suite with a few candles and let your first-class escort lady guide you - clothing is optional of course.  

Sport Date

Have we stimulated your imagination? If you now feel like spending a sports date together you are exactly right with the Ivana Models Agency. We wish you a lot of fun.