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Escort Striptease: Pure Eroticism

23 November 2021

The hottest form of foreplay: escort striptease

There is hardly any form of foreplay that enjoys so much enthusiasm from all sides as the striptease. There is something magical about an attractive woman slowly and seductively removing her clothes. Whether to the beat of invigorating music or not, with multiple layers of clothing, and no matter the location, the removal of clothing sends a clear, animating signal. Perhaps the reason for its popularity is the knowledge of what happens when the last piece of clothing slips off your body. Imagine watching a VIP model at an escort striptease taking off garment after garment to increase your desire. 

Popular since ever

The art of erotically taking off clothes has fascinated people since time immemorial. There are traditions from ancient times, from which it can be deduced that this practice was already used there to increase the sexual desire of the other person. The rhythmic movements of the ladies adapt themselves completely to the beat of the music, while the pleasured man completely loses track of time. Both emperors and kings, husbands or fleeting acquaintances succumbed to the sensual game. Until today, not much has changed.


Escort striptease: with tools or without?

While you can strip even if you wear only the most necessary, there are of course countless variations of undressing. In the process, "auxiliary tools " can also be used. A striptease pole, for example, adds twists and turns to the striptease. An athletic, skilled lady literally turns men's heads even more easily. But it does not have to be so elaborate. With the right charisma of the lady, any conventional chair can become an erotic object. Whether she has to get off it for the actual lovemaking is entirely up to you. 

The perfect striptease according to your wishes

As a mistress of seduction, your high-class escort lady loves to awaken your sexual desire and play with it. Therefore, an escort striptease is an absolute pleasure for the senses. By the way, you are the conductor: from the choice of lingerie to the entire outfit, you are welcome to share your wishes with the Ivana Models agency. If a role play as a sexy housewife or strict teacher stimulates you, you can make this dream come true. 
There are also no set rules for the duration of the striptease. On the one hand, there are men who prefer a short dance that is just long enough to stimulate the sexual imagination. On the other hand, however, the striptease can last much longer. And if you can't get enough at all, there's nothing against extending the date for a few more hours or days. 

Extra spicy: Duo Strip

The idea that a first-class escort lady undresses just for you is already driving you crazy? Then you will get into true ecstasy during a duo striptease. Because some ladies have duo partners with whom you can have even more fun. Not only if you already draw all the attention of the guests present at the joint dinner. The mutual play of the two beauties doubles the experience and the excitement of what happens once all the covers are fallen...