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The wardrobe of an escort lady and her many outfits

08 June 2020

The wardrobe of a high class escort lady must really give a lot. Whether one wants to be a lady or not, over the years many outfits and combinations accumulate, which can be worn on the best occasions. Be it for a relaxed afternoon, rather casual but never too skimpy, or for a glamorous dinner date, the high class escort lady should always be well equipped. A travel date with a travel escort lady makes it more difficult. Depending on the activity, the wardrobe should be well chosen and a suitable combination available for every occasion, making every moment a pleasure. It should be sexy, of course, that is no question. However, the right style must be maintained without appearing too exaggerated. A balancing act between natural beauty and a complementary outfit, the best make-up and that certain something. The choice seems endless and often the ladies are faced with extremely seductive decisions that are really not easy to make. The client is of course especially happy about provocative short dresses or tight-fitting bodies. In addition, at the beginning of the night it will certainly be more light-hearted, in lingerie and kinky disguises. The combinations are so varied that the escort lady should definitely always have a small selection of sexy fabrics in her luggage, which will allow her to change visually and present herself in a perfectly coordinated outfit.

When you imagine what a high-class escort looks like. You imagine yourself to be sexy, beautiful and glamorous. A great outfit also includes a great body. Women who meticulously take care of their appearance eat accordingly and train regularly. This naturally includes the fine details. Flawless skin and chic nails, for example, are best done with freshly cut hair. When a client books an escort girl, he expects a girl who feels comfortable and who shows this in her appearance and looks. So positive references can easily be collected and the regular customers come of their own accord. The high class escort model can set herself apart from the competition in no time at all and inspire with her styling alone. Self-confident and comfortable in her own skin - you should be able to see that in her. Gentlemen don't expect to meet a woman who looks as if she hasn't washed her hair in a few days or didn't take care of herself adequately. Nor does he expect to be with someone who dresses untidily. In this way, the client does not want a woman to show up who looks too cheap or pushy. They expect a certain amount of sex appeal combined with class. But this does not mean that they also want someone who looks like an old woman dressed like an old woman. Style and élan are the key to the look of the role. The client wants you to look the way the role looks in every situation. He will expect the right amount of make-up and accessories. After all, you want to present yourself with a beautiful woman in your arms. 


Classy, chic and kinky - the right escort outfit for the perfect occasion

If the lady dresses well and adorns herself with the right amount of make-up, a perfect hairstyle and perfect accessories, she can make sure that she makes a statement and stands out from the crowd. If she attracts the attention of the other gentlemen present, at the first meeting with the client, he will immediately know that he has got what he wished for, and that has its own special charm. To be fashionably correct and to be regularly informed about the latest fashion trends is very important for every escort lady, because the world is changing and so are the demands of the gentlemen. For example, if the lady dresses old-fashioned while meeting a contemporary gentleman, the latter will probably decline with thanks. This is certainly something that should be avoided and therefore the choice of dresses should be tailored to the personality of the gentleman in order to give him an unforgettable experience. As a high class escort lady it is therefore a must to know the right etiquette if she plans on being successful in this business. Therefore it is very important to know how to dress for the occasion and how to wear the right make-up to suit the occasion and the time of day. Being a companion does not mean that she necessarily has to dress permissively or extremely sexy. On the contrary, she uses the make-up and clothes as an accessory to show off her true personality.

When on holiday or on dates in countries with stricter cultures, you should choose your outfits carefully in public. As an escort callgirl you should respect the dress code, so that a stylish and elegant appearance is guaranteed when your date takes place in a restaurant, hotel or event location in the evening. A mixture of casual and elegant can fit if the date is at lunch. For outdoor activities, a sporty mix is especially good. Being an elite escort means investing in timeless clothing that can make your wardrobe extremely versatile. Another important aspect of a versatile wardrobe is that you can create various combinations, which in turn allow for different outfits. You should make sure to buy new clothes regularly to keep your wardrobe varied and up-to-date. There should be at least one outfit for every occasion. Whether during the day or at night, it is always important to dress appropriately. For regular customers or customers who particularly like to book an escort girl, the outfits should of course not be repeated. The lady should always wear tasteful clothes. No matter what situation she is booked for. The client should not be embarrassed and ashamed by the outfit of the lady. On the contrary: If the outfit is chosen correctly, the Lady will enter a world of class and luxury.


Kinky disguises and the right theme for an escort role play

There is the fantasy of many gentlemen to have the escort call girl in uniforms and costumes. At the top of the list are typically little sexy nurse outfits or maybe the policewoman with high black boots, a little sexy police cap and handcuffs hanging from her belt. There will certainly be plenty of opportunities for naughty role-playing. Some escort ladies will arrive as ballerina, with a small tutu, pantyhose and ballet shoes and in a jersey without bra, which shows off her breasts perfectly. There is also a military look, where the escort arrives in fights and boots, camo shirt and military cap. Maybe there's a bit of dominance involved here too. How about something more traditional, like a classic cocktail dress with stockings, sexy high heels and a classic jacket.

Of course, certain disguises, which should rather be worn in private, evoke very special joys in the clients. At this point the gentlemen are asked: What is their favorite disguise among the girls. Please let us know in your next booking. Almost every gentleman who wants to have fun with a sexy escort has some suitable fantasy to go with it, we are sure of that. It is only natural that you feel the urge to explore your fantasies, and for this reason many escort ladies love to dress up for you. If you are looking for escorts who dress in sexy uniforms for your ultimate viewing pleasure, look no further, because some of the escorts are known for offering a wide range of uniforms. They specialize in role playing and they love to dress up to fulfill your fantasies. If there is a particular uniform that you want your escort to wear, you only need to make an inquiry in advance. You can also let the escort of your choice decide what she will wear so she can give you a sexy surprise. If you want her to wear something specific, it is a good idea to give your escort call girl enough time to make sure she has everything. 

So that your escort lady doesn't have to wait until carnival, we have put together a few classics for her. The sexy schoolgirl uniform has become one of the most popular options and there are many escorts who would love to appear in a stunning schoolgirl skirt. If you are looking for a completely different approach, you could opt for the sexy nurse outfit. There is no one you would rather take care of than a sexy nurse wearing one of the most seductive outfits ever. Nurses outfits have been in the sex industry since the beginning and have always been a hit with customers around the world. However, nurse outfits are not the only "emergency" outfits, as you could be controlled by a dominant policewoman if you like. She'll even show up with handcuffs and a scary-looking baton! Other escorts have sexy latex and leather outfits. 


Best fashion trend outfits for travel girls

It's all about the mix - combining outfits and fancy dress

Maybe you are after the traditional, high-class escort outfit? Escorts love to wear their negligees and suspenders! They invest in some of the best lingerie outfits available. So be sure to mention what you would like when you make your booking. High heels and sexy but elegant dresses are usually part of the wardrobe of a high class escort. If you dream of meeting a sexy secretary, you can have the escort of your choice dress up and meet these demands. The sexy secretary role play makes the ladies very playful. Relieve your stress and let a disguised callgirl spoil you. We have escorts who are willing to dress up for clients, so you can make a booking whenever you want. We guarantee that we can select the perfect lady for your needs and dress her perfectly. This can make your role play even more imaginative and help you to relax outside of reality. Make sure that your callgirl wear your naughty dress exactly in the outfit you desire, because you are guaranteed to have a great time. Make the most of it and explore your sexual desires. The Ivana Models enjoy pampering gentlemen with playful disguises! 

For the occasion of carnival with the escort lady in Cologne or Düsseldorf, or on Halloween the lady will not be able to resist to dress up, because the attraction of a playful and at the same time sexy outfit is just too big. On these occasions, a trip to the best club in town is recommended, so that you can collect glances together with your dressed up beauty. At the end of the evening, the lady has come with you and will leave the party with you, no matter how sexy her disguise is. The ladies love this opportunity as they can dress provocatively on purpose without worrying about complaints. You might even find the right disguise to go with it, so you can present yourself in the partner look. 
The classic vampire couple or knight and princess never grow old. You may also have a preference for an escort lady in fur or a particular piece of clothing, which is particularly charming for you. The possibilities are endless and should be explored extensively. So every date will be exciting again and you can look forward to the pure variety that is given to you every time. 

No matter what your preference of outfit is, you can be sure that your wishes will be fulfilled at the best with the Ivana Models Escort Service. You are also welcome to discuss the exact choice of outfits with us or get advice from our team, which will be at your side to make sure your escort lady cuts a fantastic figure. In any case, whether classically and glamorously dressed or in a kinky outfit, the Ivana Models are looking forward to a charming appearance. Since the ladies are very changeable, you should not mince matters and communicate your wishes openly. No one will hold this against you. On the contrary, this is the only way we can ensure that your experience is unique and will remain in your memory for a long time.