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Sex is art and communication

12 July 2021

Sex is physical communication. Is sex important for the relationship? Yes, however we define our relationships ourselves. Whether between lovers, friends or those who simply seek the greatest physical pleasures that can be experienced as two human beings. We all define sex in our own way and associate our individual experiences as well as emotional worlds with the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. This supposed "secondary matter" can be much more for many of us. For some it may be a delightful world of complex fantasies, for others a challenge to their own physical limits. The fact is that sex has an immense mental and physical pull on us. And not in a fixed, certain way, but depending on the individual and partners involved. Whether in a relationship or during hot nights with high class call girls

Sex is art. Similar to a martial art, you can train sex, explore and improve your skills. Our behavior outside the bedroom also determines how well we can experience our sex. For example, through good nutrition and non-erotic physical exercise, we improve our enjoyment of the most beautiful thing. Better sex through strength training? Absolutely! Better sex as a non-smoker? Definitely! Sophisticated sex requires high-level performance - emotionally as well as physically. The desire for better sex is a challenge to one's ego to let go of some vices in order to offer more excitement in sex. It sounds very flowery, but sex makes artists of us all. Not only the true masters of the discreet escort agency. The art is in understanding and reacting at the same time. It's sexy multitasking in the mind and body. In a matter of seconds, we process questions that instinctively arise. What does my partner need? What roles are we playing? Wow, what was my life like before having sex with a premium outcall girl? We implement these and similar processes in our lovemaking with each other and improve with each time.


How do you define "sex"?

"Sex" and its variations are one of the most common and widely used terms found in our language today. However, the question "what is sex" is necessary because it can mean different things to different people. When we talk about the act of sex, it is simply about people enjoying and giving themselves to an intimate time with their partner, which can include foreplay, cuddling, kissing, hugging, and penetration. Sex is different for different types of sexual orientations. Whether you are straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, pansexual, queer, or still exploring determines what sex means and involves to you. The term cannot be confined to a fixed definition.

One of the first things you need to learn as you embark on the journey to a better understanding of sex is to let go of all the taboos associated with the idea of having sex and embrace it as an act of love and passion. Different people have sex for different reasons - for some, sexual activity stems from an innate attraction and desire, while for others it is a way to procreate. Likewise, some people only enjoy physical intimacy with someone they deeply love. So what sex means to you may depend greatly on what arouses you and what you like or dislike about sexual activity. Remember that while the sexual act is defined as intercourse, it is not limited to "penetrative sex" or "coitus," but includes anything that feels sexual.

In terms of physical sex, orgasms are what we strive for during sex. There are many, many benefits of orgasm and many of them have been mentioned above. However, it is important that you understand the types of orgasms and their benefits. Orgasm can be explosive and implosive, that is, releasing energy and absorbing energy, respectively. It is usually thought that men have explosive orgasms while women have implosive orgasms. The importance of orgasm cannot be underestimated. From relieving stress to building immunity to having a better relationship, the orgasm is a very powerful force. But more on that later.


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When did the evolution of sex begin?

Sex is an expression of our evolution and holds the opportunity for collective improvement as a species. Obviously we are not scientific experts, yet let's look at sex dryly for a moment and in terms of reproduction: The evolution of sexuality as we know it can be traced back much further than our ape-like ancestors. It goes back at least as far as a primitive fish called Microbrachius dicki. Fossil evidence of this was found in 385 million year old rocks in Scotland.

For years, everyone accepted the general thesis that sex is good for evolution because it creates genetic diversity, which in turn is useful for adapting to an ever-changing and challenging environment. Additionally, it could eliminate defects or deficiencies in our human genetic structure. Chris Adami of Michigan State University looks at the process theoretically. Adami explains that evolution can be thought of in terms of information - the things you need to know in order to survive. Evolution is about "information retention and information acquisition - the more you know, the better you are," he says. So sex gives us a chance to grow together and evolve as a species. "We're programmed to do that," says sex therapist Richard A. Carroll of Northwestern University. "The question of why humans have sex is similar to the question of why we eat. Our brains are designed to motivate us to engage in this behavior." The fact that sex is hard-wired into us as a need reflects an evolutionary perspective, said University of Hawaii psychology professor Elaine Hatfield. "Evolutionary theorists point out that the desire for sexual relations is 'ingrained' in us to promote species survival," she says. "

Today, sex serves far more than the evolutionary preservation of our species. We additionally understand sex as pleasure and an expression of our emotions. No matter who you ask, you will always get a different answer about what sex means. At every age, sex means something different to us. Always exciting, always new. The nature of sex always seems to be dynamic, not allowing itself to be pinned down in a definition or framework. And sex simply feels good. 


What does sex mean to you?

Sex can fulfill different roles and the effects vary depending on the individual. In general, however, it can be said that we seek physical connection. The manner of expression is decided by each couple. Whether you are having a fulfilling date in the context of an intimate girlfriend experience or just looking for an acquaintance to have fun together is up to each person. Sex knows no right or wrong. Common communication and mutual understanding for the time together is crucial. Thus, sex can take on very different meanings.

The bond between two people, as well as the confirmation that follows, makes up an immense part of sexual confirmation. Be it between partners or acquaintances. Quite casual or terribly romantic, all forms have their raison d'être. The perception of the self and one's own self-confidence experience a strong boost as soon as one has had fulfilling sex. Furthermore, the relationship with the partner is strengthened and the need for human connection is satisfied. Additionally, the positive effects after a wild night with a girl next door are manifold.

It is generally known that sex can have outstanding, positive effects. Especially in relation to stress. Stress is largely the result of many interacting psychological factors and can vary greatly from person to person. Yet it can cause all kinds of health problems, from mild headaches, sleep disturbances and muscle tension to more serious issues like immune system dysfunction and chronic depression. There is evidence that being close to your partner (physically and emotionally) can lower stress levels. We all have basic psychological needs that we need to meet in order to stay mentally healthy. Having sex is not strictly speaking a basic human need, but it is an important part of love and connection. In addition to the obvious physiological needs such as water, food, and sleep, there are four categories of basic psychological needs: safety, love/connection, esteem, and autonomy. Of course, we need to meet our physiological needs, but to be happy, stable people, we need to meet each category of psychological needs on a regular basis. If too many psychological needs go unmet for too long, it can have a negative impact on our mental health. Some studies suggest that social isolation can be a factor in early death in certain situations. So you better treat yourself to a high-profile dinner date quickly before you pass away!


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The positive effects of regular sex with a high class outcall girl

For many, sex is synonymous with a regular spa visit. A relaxing vacation for the soul and the body. How do I have sex regularly? There is an old saying, "Sex is like food; it's only a big deal if you don't get enough of it". Sex is not so much about "the more the merrier," but a complete lack of sex can be quite harmful. There is evidence that a lack of sex is associated with depression and low self-esteem. Should you wish to counteract this effect, regular sex is essential. Only you can define "regular" and decide the importance of sex in your life. However, the positive effects are undisputed and should be savored by you.

Does sex strengthen the immune system? Yes. If you are sexually healthy and active, you will be less and less likely to need to take a sick day. This is because sex is really helpful in boosting your immunity and your frequency of getting sick due to colds and coughs will decrease. This is because when you have sex, you will have higher levels of antibodies in your body. To boost your immunity, you need to have sex once or twice a week. Does sex lower blood pressure in the long run? Yes. Sex controls high blood pressure. Do you have hypertension? It's possible that having more sex will help. This may sound like the most unconventional advice you've gotten yet, but it's not without merit. Research has found a link between regular sexual activity and lower blood pressure. One study showed that sex in particular, not even masturbation, helped lower systolic blood pressure.

Looking for a way to stimulate your brain? Here's how sex with high class callgirl makes you smarter. Who would have thought it? Of course, this effect applies to any other sexual partner as well. Sex changes brain chemistry in many ways; and there is evidence that sex actually increases cognitive abilities. One study found that just thinking about a past sexual encounter can improve your analytical thinking skills. Another study showed that sexually active rodents had more neurons in their hippocampus (a brain region associated with memory) than their virgin peers. The improvements in brain power were lost after sexual activity ceased. So, stick with it and enjoy this sexy brain workout. A pure win-win for your entire body. While you can switch off your head on the date and concentrate entirely on the erotic ecstasies with your first class callgirl, the mind is subsequently stimulated again and enjoys a higher performance power. 

Sex offers you these and more exciting facets. This is not about having sex according to a manual or trying to squeeze sex into definitions. Sex is what you make of it, not what someone expects of you. The fun is in exploring and understanding your own sexuality, from which very individual, positive effects for your mind and body will result. So the question of "What does sex mean to you?" can never be answered in a blanket way, and if you do find an answer, you can be sure that it will change over time. Sex is as versatile as we humans enjoying each other. Sex will forever be in motion. A delightful act, like a sexy perpetual motion machine. We wish you a lot of fun in the joy of discovering and want to support you where possible to give you new delightful reasons to maybe try something new again. Are you ready to be surprised? Very well. You know where to find us.