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The most expensive and exciting dinner with a VIP Escort Munich

06 May 2019

To create an unforgettable dinner date with one of the fabulous escort ladies, which you can find through our escort agency, both for you and the enchanting High Class Escort at your side, we would like to introduce the four most expensive and equally aphrodisiac dishes to you . The combination of luxury and aphrodisiac gives your next date with the escort Munich a particularly elegant and sensual atmosphere. The first luxury food is the Spanish luxury spice saffron, costing up to 25,000 euros per kilogram. Since saffron not only taste delightful and is suitable for many dishes, it also has an exciting and potency enhancing effect. It guarantees extravagant fun with your VIP escort Munich - during the cooking, the dinner and for the fun afterwards. Try Paella, the Spanish classic, which is prepared with a lot of saffron.

Also fish dishes harmonize heavenly with the taste of the delicious luxury blossoms. If you want to enjoy something more sweet besides the sweet high class escort Munich, we can recommend the spelt egg liqueur cake, which tastes excellent and is refined with saffron. The saffron flowers grow in La Mancha, a Spanish region. The flowers are laboriously hand-picked and this is also reflected in the taste of the luxury spice. To get your own impression of it, you can also go directly to Spain with one of the charming high class escort models, which can be booked through our discreet escort agency Munich. 

Classy Caviar for a Classy VIP Escort Cologne

Caviar - Who doesn't know and love it? It is known for its uniqueness and creamy taste. The so-called white gold is sold for over 65,000 euros per kilogram. Many of the wonderful high class escort ladies love the taste of this exclusive food. The cleaned roe of the sturgeon species is salted and refined to obtain its first-class taste. These species are mainly found in the Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean, the Caspian Sea or the Sea of Azov. There they are caught and then processed. As a starter you can enjoy, together with the enchanting VIP escort Cologne, a few shrimp and caviar crackers, which are considered the starter par excellence.

How do I find the best escort lady Cologne for my dinner? The best way is via the Ivana Models Escort Agency Cologne. If you would rather be convinced by a few Asian delicacies, you can fall back on the Japanese classics of luxury food: Blue fin tuna and Yubari honey melon. For many people, Japanese Cuisine is considered the best in the world. That's why it's just as expensive. Yubari, the heavenly fruit from the city of Yubari, costing up to 12,000 euros each. It can be combined with many equally delicious recipes and will certainly ensure that the ladies are at your feet and will be thrilled by you. The blue fin tuna can also be seen and tasted at a price of 6000 euros per kilogram! A special feature here, is the fact that it remains just as dark-red as before cooking it. This delights the palette, which is why you should not miss out on this delicacy. The best way to complement these delicacies? A lovely sex date, arranged by Ivana Models. The high class Escort Agency Cologne wishes you a good appetite and a lot of fun with your dessert.