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What chemical reactions take place during sex?

01 May 2021

Sparks fly, every second is more intense than the previous one and the shared eroticism reaches its spectacular climax. Why does sex actually feel so good and how fantastic is it that we can actually share this excitement with each other? The physical reactions to sex are fascinating, literally exciting and make us want more.

We start out restrained - with the kiss. And when you stop and really think about the act of kissing, it's kind of weird, isn't it? Pressing your lips to someone else's? It turns out that there is some science behind this strange but pleasurable behavior. But the rewards are plentiful. That's because kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain, including the release of a hormone. It's often called the "love hormone" because it evokes feelings of affection and connection. We're talking about our ever-popular oxytocin. Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus and stored and released by the posterior pituitary gland in the brain. When released, it precisely creates a feeling of love and contentment. 

It is the primary hormone released during orgasm. But let's stick to kissing for now, we don't want to rush into anything. After all, kissing can also give us a feeling of fulfillment or completion. Do you know the high you feel when you are head over heels in love with a new love or have fallen for your high class callgirl? That the effect of dopamine in the reward pathways of your brain. Dopamine is released when you do something that feels good, like kissing and spending time with someone you are attracted to. This doesn't necessarily require an emotional connection, as the mere sight of a gorgeous body can enchant us. Dare to take a look at the sedcards of IMA ladies to get your dopamine on standby. This and other "happy hormones" make you feel motivated and euphoric. The more you get of these hormones, the more your body wants them. So the gentleman should enjoy his happiness in moderation and be aware of his golden mean without ignoring the moments of carefree euphoria. It's the balance that counts. And so it is with our happiness hormones. 


Does a kiss trigger the same reaction as a gunshot?

A passionate kiss could indeed trigger a similar surprised reaction in the brain as if one were frightened by the shot of a gun. So the kiss is the positive version of a surprise, even a shot of unexpected excitement. A moment in which nothing else matters. You'd better be positively surprised. The fact that you experience these happy surprises with a high class call girl has the advantage that they can enjoy your intimacy in peace without having to be shot at. The act of kissing is simply unique and our brains make sure that we notice it. Kissing serves the purpose of creating a more intimate bond with another person. It is linked to feelings of connection and comfort. There is a higher concentration of nerve endings in the lips compared to any other part of the body. When kissing, almost half of our cranial nerves are involved. And when the nerves in the lips are stimulated, they send an amazing amount of stimulation back to the brain. Consequently, the appropriate area of the brain is stimulated more by the lips than by any other organ. In fact, legendary sex researcher Alfred Kinsey noted that some women can achieve orgasm from a deep kiss alone.

But if an intimate kiss isn't enough for you, you won't be able to avoid spectacular sex. Why should you? The most beautiful thing in the world also belongs to be duly celebrated. The basic hormonal reaction is similar to that of a kiss, but many times more intense and stimulated in a more complex way. To this end, each person experiences their own unique sex, as the composition of our hormones depends on the individual. However, no matter how you feel, you can always rely on the fantastic skills of the high class callgirls! Likewise, you can be sure of the positive effects. Because sex is good for our mental and physical health. It lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. It can strengthen the immune system to protect us from infections, and it certainly lowers stress. So, let's get down to business!

Why does sex make us happy and how do we get it in the first place? 

Emotionally, these questions are easier to answer because sex simply feels good. We cherish these memories and empirically enjoy the next opportunity, so our instinct, coupled with our experiences lets us know that something pleasurable is about to happen. To this end, on a biological-chemical level, a whole concatenation of arousal is ignited. Because sex doesn't just cause our most pleasurable hormones to be released. Rather, the entire body works to intensify the act. The skin, our nerves, the muscles and especially, of course, the sexual organs are put into a state of excitement. Thus, for example, a tease or foreplay also has a very practical-demonstrable function. The body is put into a state of sexual anticipation and can't wait to act out. The imminent happiness of sex delights us especially and finds its origin in the physical reactions that are set in motion during our arousal. 

Therefore, sex is not only emotional to put into words, but can be expressed, admittedly somewhat un-sexy, in biological steps. For this we are indebted to science and enjoy the findings. So if you want to look at the process a little more soberly and scientifically, the book "Human Sexual Response" by the Masters of Sex, Virginia Johnson and William H. Masters, gives a fitting description of the physical processes. This comprehensive work of sexual science is just out of the 60s and is considered a timeless work of the sexual revolution. Especially since it provides incontrovertible emphasis on the women's sexual satisfaction and rewards further, ongoing sexual education with more overall enjoyment. It's a win-win situation to seek the new and unexplored, especially with the premium escort service. We are endlessly grateful to both of them for their work and have taken the liberty of adding a sexy touch in one or two places to their scientific description of the most beautiful act.


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What is the physical process of sex?

First things first - the excitement phase. After all, anticipation is the best joy, at least until the higher euphoria sets in. Until then, however, you won't want to remain idle. Especially if you are allowed to enjoy the anticipation of pure excitement with one of the Ivana Escort Models. Who can hold back at this sight. A rhetorical question to prepare more pleasure for the foreplay. Thus, the excitement follows as a reaction to kissing, cuddling or through visual as well as acoustic stimulation. In the process, half to three quarters of women are said to get a red glow, which shows up as pink spots on the breasts and can spread all over the body. About a quarter of men get it as well, starting on the abdomen, moving up to the neck, over the face and down the back. At this point, at the latest, you can no longer hide your intentions from each other - why should you. Devotion to your partner signals your body to continue growing in arousal, and this in turn increases devotion. It's a happy cycle. All that you both need to enjoy sex is armed during the arousal phase and craves stimulation. Mentally, as well as physically. At this point, we should also draw attention back to our hormonal messengers. Have you heard of norepinephrine? This hormone is released during stimulation and mobilizes the body for the pleasures ahead. During sex, it activates physiological changes such as increased heart rate, perspiration, or pupil dilation.

This is because as our anticipation increases, our sexual organs swell as well. The clitoris, labia and vaginal opening enlarge. The lady's breasts become plumper, while the muscles around the vagina tighten and she produces fluid. Meanwhile, blood flow to the penis is stimulated, causing it to grow and increasing the sensitivity of nerve endings. Masters and Johnson say there is then a plateau phase, which in women is usually more of the same arousal. In men, other muscle groups on the body harden and specifically the muscles from the base of the penis. The grand finale and third stage is orgasm. Depending on the amount of oxytocin released, the orgasm has a more intense effect. Here, our muscles in the abdomen and pelvis contract to go up in explosive ecstasy and then relax while we feel fulfilled as well as satisfied thanks to dopamine. So much for science. The actual acting out of your sexual pleasure can not be decided for you, as each body is to be considered individually and also wants to be stimulated in a distinct way. The appeal lies in honestly exploring as well as loving your own sexuality.

What are the positive effects after sex?

Making love can cause all sorts of actions and feelings you may not have even known you had - and that's because there's a lot going on in your brain and body that you may not even be aware of. We've tried to summarize some of these reactions after sex. There are a number of strange effects of sex on the brain, and knowing what they are can help you better understand why you feel the way you do about someone. Not everyone reacts the same way after sex, but experts say there are certain hormones that are released and parts of the brain that are activated in most people when they have shared a sexual experience.

Chemistry is everything! Because thanks to oxytocin, a warm and fuzzy feeling surrounds us after sex, making us cuddle or inviting us to get cozy. The little nap should wait though, because the new sexual bond can make the next round all the more exciting. Oxytocin also has pain-relieving properties that can help alleviate symptoms we may have experienced before sex, such as stress, headaches or muscle tension. So sex, which often feels like a work-out, can have particularly relaxing effects once you've had a good romp together. Because no matter how you like your sex, the result feels satisfying and can work better than any vacation when the time is right. Should you want to enjoy both, you know who offers you first class travel companionship. In addition to oxytocin, we enjoy the effects of the aforementioned dopamine and the feeling of euphoric reward that makes us look forward to the next time. Dopamine is the body's reward signal. When you do something that pleases your body, such as being enchanted by one of the high class escort girls, it releases this hormone. Thus, your body practically tells you that you should do everything right and enjoy the pleasure especially attentively. In addition, dopamine further increases sexual desire and fuels the arousal until it ends in orgasm. 

Especially after orgasm, the hormone prolactin still speaks up to mean that we have really earned the pleasure and satisfaction after sex. The experience is also stored in memory. By activating the hippocampus, a memory part of the brain, the experience is stored. The hippocampus, Latin for seahorse, is named for its shape. It is part of the limbic system. This system is located near the center of the brain. The mental image of sex can be a wild rush or a precise recollection of specific moments. Although our brains do not respond identically to sex, knowing what is going on in your head can help you better understand your emotional and mental response. One thing is for sure: you will not forget your date with a high class call girl so quickly. 

These, as well as the many other, joyful reactions of the body are made possible by our hormones and chemical messengers. It would be a shame not to experience them. With this in mind, we look forward to your request and are at your disposal in all splendor.