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Best escort movies overview

26 December 2022

Hollywood and escort service

The fact that a high class escort lady is surrounded by a quite incomparable aura is clear to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of making her acquaintance. At the same time, there is not the one attribute that makes her so seductive. It is not the one area of the body or the one particular personality trait. It is rather the interplay of charisma, wit and seduction that makes for a perfect symbiosis of pure attractiveness. A number of directors have already dared to tackle the Herculean task of capturing this incredible power of attraction on moving pictures. A look at Hollywood reveals that there are several films that take on this sensual subject area. But - what characterizes the best escort movies? In our overview, we have compiled some noteworthy titles. 

What makes good escort movies?

Whenever the attempt is made to report about feelings in media form, problems may arise. Because to convey feelings correctly is not an easy undertaking. Likewise it behaves also with the high class escort service. One must have come into the pleasure of an exclusive date to get an exact idea of it. To what extent it is at all possible to capture the indescribable feeling of a first class escort date on film reels, we would like to leave to your own interpretation at this point. Nevertheless, there are some movies that take up the topic and are worthy of a listing. However, the narrative of Hollywood always resonates, which is primarily intended to provide entertainment and can in no way do justice to the flair of a real date.

The Escort - Sex Sells

The 2015 film is about a promiscuous journalist named Mitch. His life is currently somewhat out of joint, as he has lost his job. In his private life, too, things are anything but smooth sailing. In search of a unique story that will stand out from his previous work, he meets Natalie, an exclusive escort. He sees in her the possibility of regaining a foothold in the working world with an exciting article about her life. The extremely educated and equally beautiful Stanford graduate finally agrees that he may accompany her in her life. But before they know it, problems arise and the boundaries of the purely business partnership blur faster than either of them would like. 

Alice - my life as an escort

In the seemingly perfect family happiness of the Ferrands nothing is as it seems. Francois, the husband of the main character Alice, disappears without warning one day from the joint apartment. He leaves behind their son and a mountain of debt. When she finds out that the financial plight is due to countless visits to brothels by the husband, Alice decides to visit the "Elegance Escorte" agency. When she learns about the lucrative earnings opportunities, she decides to work as an escort and from then on enjoys her newly won personal and financial freedom. But then suddenly Francois enters her life again with demands....

Escort movies - our conclusion

While the movies mentioned here are among the ones worth watching there are also many movies that miss the point by far. For this reason, you won't find too many titles in our review, but only the ones we had a good time watching. As we mentioned at the beginning, no title so far manages to capture the extravagant experience of a date with an escort lady. Nevertheless, the ones mentioned here can serve as inspiration for your next movie night. Who knows, you might even watch it together with your temporary girlfriend.