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Erotic escort massages thanks to your high class escort companion

03 July 2020

A massage has many advantages. It can relieve cramps and contribute to general relaxation. In addition, it also has various erotic qualities, which you can find out together with your escort masseuse. The escort call girls are looking forward to your massage date. 

However, erotic massage is no longer what was once associated with misunderstood Thai massages. If you want to enjoy an escort massage in Germany, the Ivana Models Escort Agency is at your disposal for this and more. Regardless of the erotic aspect, a massage has obvious health benefits. Maybe you have already had a massage therapy and already know about the positive effects. However, the erotic massage is clearly focused on sexual pleasure. The relaxation is a welcome side effect. We can only recommend the following information to all interested parties with a clear conscience. 

The happiest ending: Erotic massages and the difference to traditional massages

To whom do you owe this pleasure? On the one hand, the very talented ladies, who would like to pamper you with an escort massage in Düsseldorf or Berlin, no matter where you are. The pleasure comes to you on sexy high heels. On the other hand, it is simply the ingenious quality of our skin that makes this pleasure possible. The skin is an incredible organ, which can be stimulated by the various contact points with nerve endings, sensors and capillaries. The sensors in the skin register touches and send signals to the brain to help with relaxation. The skin is able to register every touch, from tender to hard. This means that we have a number of different types of nerve cells in our skin, each of which reacts to a different level of touch.


Spa and Massage


When each of these different nerve cells is stimulated, they send signals to the brain, releasing endorphins that help us feel happy and relaxed. One of them is for example dopamine, which is known as our "reward hormone" and is also released when we do something good or achieve something, make a profit or get many new likes in our photo. All this releases dopamine and makes us feel a sense of satisfaction. 

In addition to the hormones, when we simulate our nerve endings, the capillaries also dilate, allowing the vessels to dilate and more blood to flow. This causes a number of things. If you participate in a massage that uses oils, there is also a peeling and removal of dead skin, which also has a positive effect on the skin. Finally, the manipulation of pressing massage movements also stimulates the deeper glands, think especially of a head massage. Stimulation of these glands is beneficial for the hair follicles, dry scalp and can lead to healthier scalp and hair. So you will leave your escort massage date satisfied and with shiny hair. 

The main effect of massage is the effects associated with stress. When a person is stressed, the body increases many hormones. As massage has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system, it has been shown to help regulate this hormone imbalance and thus reduce stress. However, it should be noted that this is very difficult to measure precisely because of the way the massage also affects our endorphins. Endorphins can cause a feeling of euphoria and inhibit pain, and massage often triggers a release of endorphins, although the amount of this release varies from person to person. If you are lucky enough to receive a special escort sex massage, you will literally explode with endorphins. But everyone feels a massage in their own way.  This means that each massage experience is unique for the individual, but as a rule it can always have a strong effect to improve our mood and reduce stress levels, to whatever extent.  

dopamine and endorphins thanks to the perfect escort massage with the right oil

Traditional massages leave out direct stimulation. Erotic massage, on the other hand, is used explicitly to stimulate the erogenous zones. No matter where you are, from north to south. With the Ivana Models Escort Agency you can enjoy an erotic sex massage in Hamburg or Frankfurt am Main in no time at all. If you are already a fan of erotic massages, you will know that you have to create the perfect mood for a stimulating massage. Maybe this includes the right music, a romantic place and not to forget the right oil. The oils have different effects from which you can benefit. These can be of a caring nature and have a positive effect on the development and regeneration of your skin. In addition, the sensual effect of an oil cannot be denied and especially the smell can be of a particularly irritating quality. The best massage oils vary greatly and can be used for a wide range of applications. In the following lines we would like to introduce the most different oils to make your decision easier. If you cannot decide, your booked escort girl always has a suitable oil in her luggage.



Almond oil is one of the most popular base oils in spas all over the world. It is non-allergenic and glides easily over the skin with delayed absorption, so you do not have to constantly add new oil during the massage. The wonderful classic, coconut oil, can be unscented or retain the tropical scent of coconut. It is non-greasy and provides the skin with a moisturizing experience. Apricot kernel oil is fresh and very similar to almond oil. A suitable alternative for all people with nut allergies. It is easily absorbed by the skin and contains vitamin E. The antibacterial jojoba oil is best used by people who are prone to skin irritations. It is easily absorbed by the skin and has a long shelf life. The oil from the avocado fruit is heavier than most and allows for a longer massage. It can also be mixed with almond oil to achieve a balanced viscosity. Normally, grape seed oil is not cold-pressed but extracted from grape seeds with a solvent and is considered an inferior massage oil. However, it is unscented and has a luxurious, silky feel on the skin that is difficult to replicate. Something very special for a sex massage with an escort lady. Alternatively, cocoa butter can be used: If a slightly heavier massage oil or balm is required, any of the above oils can be mixed with cocoa butter for a richer skin application. This butter needs to be warmed to become liquid, but it provides a nourishing experience for dry skin. Similarly, shea butter is a rich massage oil when mixed with other oils. However, it does not contain the chocolaty scent of cocoa butter but forms a similar consistency. 

Experience the perfect escort massage in Berlin, Hamburg or Düsseldorf

You can enjoy an erotic massage always and everywhere. However, true connoisseurs may place special emphasis on the surroundings, sensory impressions and every minute detail. Besides the oil, there are other aspects to consider. What do you attach particular importance to? 

The classic: Dim the light. This is both a practical and relaxing way to get into an erotic mood. Coloured light effects can also be used here. Colours have the power to determine our mood. If you lie on your back, it can be unpleasant when the ceiling lighting is switched on. Perhaps a dimmable floor lamp or the following tip will do the trick.


Best spa and massage in Germany


Light my fire - light candles: You don't have to use candles exclusively if you think you need a lot of lighting to enjoy a sexy escort massage together. However, candles provide a flickering golden glow that creates a pleasant atmosphere. If you use aromatic candles they can also be romantic, cheerful and enlightening. That is a lot for a little wax and a wick. You get bonus points if you can also provide a crackling fire in a nearby fireplace. Atmosphere is everything.

Make sure you have the right room temperature. Keep the room warm enough so that no one catches a cold or you suddenly have to sneeze during all the fun. This is about erotic relaxation, not about you catching a cold. In warmer climates, a cooling shower in between or possibly a cocktail with ice to cool down the mind. Afterwards, it is all the easier to escalate into other shared pleasures. 

Rock me Baby: For the deepest possible relaxation, for example, the music must be right. The possibilities range from cuddly rock or soul songs, meditative beats to classical compositions. Every time you hear these haunting riffs in the future, your erotic massage will remind you, so choose the accompanying music carefully. It's all about your erotic soundtrack. Whatever your taste is - please let us know. As already described: the atmosphere is everything. Choose a quiet room, light a scented candle, play relaxing music of your choice and make yourself comfortable. Go with a classic spa vibe to put yourself in a deeply relaxing mode. It is our goal that you experience and enjoy the best happy massage. Whether or not you plan to include a happy ending or oiled sex in your massage, the intimate benefits of learning how to give a proper massage are limitless. Should you wish to massage the lady, here is a tip for the gentlemen and their thumbs: massaging your partner for a long time can be miserable and unpleasant for your thumbs. Fortunately there is a trick to it: if you want more stamina, don't rely on your thumbs and hands to do the job 100% - use your whole body to make it easier. Let your body weight determine the intensity of the massage.

To create a peaceful atmosphere, it is suggested to start with a scalp massage, pressing the fingertips on the scalp in circular movements and then moving down towards the neck. The focus is on the upper side of the head and above the ears. Although this is considered a very active area of the body, massaging these areas actually helps to reduce this activity out of the head and back into the body core. In our hectic, productivity-oriented lives, we often invest too much of our body's resources in our brain, and this can get in the way of foreplay. Massaging the head in general helps to calm an overstrained mind and allows the precious blood to flow more evenly in the body. No matter if it is an erotic massage at your place or with your sexy outcall girl. This will lead to immediate relaxation and make the body more receptive to further arousal. Whoever has the right preference will be happy about the next tip: a foot massage. The soles of the feet are considered to be very powerful points to balance the subtle energies in the body and at the same time promote an increase in blood circulation in the body's core. These two points are directly and intimately connected with male and female arousal. In women, the area below the navel in particular can lead to a particular arousal. Abdominal points can be very tender, so massaging these points should be done with a little caution and special care. About two fingers below the belly button is a point you will read about and it is considered an important point to increase sexual energy. As it is also the most calming point, this is a wonderfully balanced spot in the lady. Therefore, a massage with care can help to promote a feeling of intimacy and arousal at once. 

Also the stunning ladies, mediated by the Ivana Models Escort Agency, are true masters of the trade. Let one of the many top escort callgirls pamper you with an erotic massage. How about a seductive massage on the beach at sunset? No problem with the beautiful travel companions! Please send us your ideas and booking requests so that we can give you a boundlessly relaxing holiday. We wish you much fun!