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Enjoy the finest drops with the High Class Escort call girl

28 December 2020

There are many good wines, but who can keep track of them? No matter whether you have already dealt with wine or not, we want to offer you an introduction. It might help to refresh your basic knowledge a bit before we start with the recommendations of the house. Chin chin and have fun!

Let's start at the beginning: Most wine is made from grapes, but they're not like the ones you find in the supermarket. Grapes (Latin name: Vitis vinifera) are smaller, sweeter, have thick skins and contain seeds. There are over 1,300 varieties of grapes used in commercial production, but only about 100 of these varieties account for 75% of the world's vineyards. The most widely planted wine grape in the world today is Cabernet Sauvignon. So, which wine do you have a taste for? Any wine goes with a seductive girlfriend experience! The wine you often see glistening in ladies' glasses is sparkling or spritz wine. If you already love sparkling wine, you can congratulate yourself for your exquisite taste. This wine first appeared in France and is synonymous with the Champagne region. Despite the limited appeal of many supermarket options, sparkling wines are the most technically challenging and time-consuming wines produced in the world. Champagne is often too expensive, so instead keep your eyes open for brut sparkling wines (i.e. not sweet) like Cava, Prosecco, Crémant. Possibly you are on the best wine tour in Germany? Raise a toast to the good life here together with the high class call girl.



If bubbles in wine are not your cup of tea, you can't go wrong with a light white. These light, easy-drinking, dry whites are some of the best-selling wines in the world (although reds get more attention). Light white wines are like the "beer of wine" and for this reason they are perfect to drink with most foods. Some of these wines are perfect for lovers of savory foods (like Sauv. Blanc and Grüner) with green herbal flavors of gooseberry and bell bell pepper. Thus, you could make sure that you always have the right wine on hand during the escort dinner date. Wines that fit into this category include Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc, but also include many lesser known wines such as Grüner Veltliner, Albariño and Soave. We would highly advise looking for a wine from a region with a cool climate. Cool climates produce some of the best examples of this light, sparkling style. Champagne is still best drunk with a high class escort girl.

High Class Escort Service and a bottle of fine red wine - Like it a little more full-bodied?  

By "full-bodied" we do not mean the seductive lips of your escort, but the more flavorful, full-bodied wines. Full-bodied white wines are perfect for red wine lovers because of their rich, smooth flavor with subtle creaminess. What distinguishes them from light white wines are usually special production techniques, including the use of oak, similar to aged whiskeys, the wine also becomes smoother with barrel aging. The classic choice for this wine is especially Chardonnay from a warmer climate, such as Spain or Italy. In addition to Chardonnay, another great option in this style is Viognier. It's a prime choice for a romantic date. Aromatically sweet wines, also include Rieslings. These oldest versions of the wine can also taste dry, but always retain a sweet note.


red wine glass and bottle


Rosé goes well with almost anything because it is in the middle of the flavor profile. It is not as heavy as a red or as light as a white. And the versatility of the wine is found in the family itself. You can buy a whole spectrum of light to dark and sweet to dry rosés to suit any taste, even the discerning tastes of your high class escort. Attention. The wine fanatics must not read on here, because rosé is also great to use in cocktails. Since it's usually less expensive than other wines, you won't feel bad mixing it with other flavors to create the perfect, refreshingly different cocktail drink. And thanks to its versatility, you can use it as a base for a variety of mixed drinks.

The red wines are divided into the Pinot Noire, Grenache and Syrah families. Here the flavor density, body, full-bodiedness increases and offer first-class compatibilities with a wide variety of dishes. Medium-bodied reds are what like to be called "food wines." They offer tons of flavor with a balanced, zesty acidity that lets them pair with a variety of foods. These are the perfect wines for red wine lovers and for your dinner date with one of the outstanding high class escort call girls.

Which wine can it be for the escort date? Experience pure white taste

A good bottle of wine can easily make you reminisce. A warm summer evening on vacation? A good wine that will make you travel back to the Mediterranean coasts and fresh, tasty dishes. Or how about a deep, dark Syrah with the aroma of cozy evenings, wrapped up warm, with a hearty meal? Wine has the power to evoke familiar feelings. Here's what top wines you can't miss this year. We'll start with the golden whites. 



Long a favorite of more than just connoisseurs, Cloudy Bay has made a name for itself for its fresh and intense wines, and a favorite among the brand's aficionados is its 2019 Sauvignon Blanc. It's made up of complex layers of guava, gooseberry, tropical fruit and fresh herbs that come together to create a delicious fruity white wine. It tastes like what a dream escort date feels like. Uninhibited, sweet and full of pleasure. It is a lively and expressive bottle, with a bright aroma bursting with tropical fruit and acidity. This white wine is easy to enjoy, goes down easy and promises a refreshing palate that is perfect for summer. It's a wine that will make your mouth water thanks to its sweet, concentrated notes and impressively long finish. 

Even a Riesling wants to be loved: Riesling is one of the top white wine grapes in the world, and the best bottles tend to come from Germany. Robert Weil provides the proof. Normally known for its strong floral aroma, it is a wine best enjoyed sparingly, sip by sip. Robert Weil's 2018 is an intensely rich and creamy Riesling, packed with ripe tangerine, papaya and mango flavors to produce a classic of its game. A fruity highlight on vacation, with your sexy escort travel companion. This Riesling smells like spring flowers and is well worth the price. It should not be despised for its sweetness, as this dessert wine cleverly manages to maintain a slight dryness and a long finish. Fermented entirely in stainless steel tanks, it combines acidity with clean flavors and lingering intensity. 

Thanks Ramey: The 2016 Rochioli Vineyard Chardonnay is a favorite wine for many. Beautifully constructed, with a wide range of dancing aromas and flavors. It is a wine that is both elegant and powerful, combining classic notes of white flowers, citrus and orchard fruit with spicy and buttery notes for a unique finish. A delicate drop, for your deluxe escort date. Its outstanding texture pairs perfectly with its crisp acidity, offering a medium to full body and an ever-growing base of flavors as it is sipped. Part of that comes from its aging: this wine was aged for 20 months in 21 percent new French oak, offering subtle flavors of integrated oak. It is a creamy wine with enough spicy notes to make it a top choice for those looking for a strong Chardonnay. 


wine grapes

Wines as far as the eye can see - The best reds with the exclusive escort call girl

The fact that red wine embodies pure passion makes it the perfect pairing with a VIP call girl. Ivana Models represent pure exclusivity and the maximum of luxurious lifestyle. Then why not start with the most expensive red wine 2020?

The eagle does not come cheap: Screaming Eagle is a name you'll hear over and over again when it comes to high-end wine, taking the top spot for premium Cabernet Sauvignon production. Currently, the 2003 Auslese is circulating around 2,000 Euros. It is an incredibly full-bodied wine with a dark red color and a whole bouquet of aromas. It is produced in limited quantities, with the brand only selling between 400 and 600 cases per year. But if you can snag a bottle, it's worth keeping. Should you want to properly celebrate your exclusive dinner date, this is the appropriate occasion to crack open the bottle. This opulent wine is a vintage worth talking about, with a range of firm, deep and rich flavors including spring flowers, graphite, crème de cassis, cherry and licorice. Aged in new French oak barrels for nearly two years before being bottled and sold, it is one of the best on the market. 

Heinz Keller has put pure magic into a bottle: Martha's Vineyard is known for its unique microclimate, and 2014 was a particularly strong year for its grapes. This Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best money can buy; known for its aroma of bay leaf, mint, anise and dark chocolate and its distinctive palate. This wine was aged for three years in new French oak barrels, one year in neutral oak and another year in bottle before being released. With bold aromas of sweet black fruit, fresh red plum and hints of warm vanilla, it is a smooth and classic red wine that is a true pleasure to drink. Expect a crispness of red fruit and orange peel, combined with a ripeness that has only deepened over time. The essence of passion, top paired with a high class companion.

The best Merlot remains Masetto: his 2016 release is a seamless wine that is super concentrated without being overbearing. It is dark, lush and expressive; perfect for those who enjoy a dark red wine with an intense aroma. The 2016 combines rich and silky tannins with notes of dark fruit, spice, sweet tobacco and black cherry. A solid wine reminiscent of Masseto's 2001, it is best kept until 2023 to enjoy its wide range of flavors. Aged in oak barrels for two years, this 100% Merlot is polished on the nose with a delicious finish. It is a wine with a lot of structure with a bright and lively acidity. 

Redder it does not go - The red wine for a dinner date

If you only bring one wine on a date, this may be it. Did someone say shiraz? This 2016 St. Henri Shiraz is famous for its bold, earthy flavors and dry palate. It's a classy wine that offers a brick-red core and plenty of rich tannins. The 2016 is a blend of 95 percent Shiraz and 5 percent Cabernet Sauvignon; full-bodied and incredibly powerful. It is mostly black fruit notes, but promises a huge range of flavors as you dive deeper into each sip. It is one of the best wines for a hearty dinner date. Poignant passion in the glass and then through the night with the top class call girl. This Shiraz is a powerful wine with an impressively long finish that brings out notes of star anise and savory spices with oak, chocolate and vanilla towards the end. An elegant bottle that promises creaminess on the palate and amazing fruitiness with every sip. 

We hope we were able to give you an exciting overview of the best wines of 2020 and hopefully you have already chosen a fine bottle for your romantic escort dinner date. Alternatively, a light white will do for your beach vacation or for a well-mannered daytime wine tasting. We look forward to your booking and are curious to know which wine you have chosen for your date. The Ivana call girls will be happy to provide you with suitable suggestions for pairings with one, or more, noble escort girls.