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Late summer in Crete: vacation with travel escort

14 September 2021

Late Summer in Crete - Discover the island with your Travel Escort

Late summer in Crete - In the high summer months of July and August, it is not uncommon to measure temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius on Greek islands. Understandable that one comes thereby quite fast into the sweat and these temperatures are not necessarily suitable for everyone. For those who prefer it a bit more pleasant, but still want to enjoy full sunshine hours, the months of September and October are recommended as a travel time. Finally, the hottest hours of your vacation with your High Class Travel Escort will arise anyway in the rooms of your 5-star accommodation. Therefore we recommend: Enjoy the late summer in Crete, if you spontaneously grab the wanderlust. 

About the island

As the largest island of Greece and one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Crete forms the southernmost point of Europe. On more than 8000 km² area you can discover beautiful landscapes and dream beaches. Above all, Crete is also characterized by its versatility. Whether you prefer an exciting city life or the beauty of the beaches, Crete is for you. You can follow the footsteps of the hippies, or indulge yourself completely in the luxury of the north of the island. Your top class escort crete will surely be happy to help you with shopping. 


Dream beaches in late summer on Crete

In the east of the island you will find a dream beach, which is world famous since the 90's at the latest: the palm beach of Vai. The journey to this somewhat remote beach is really worth it, because you will be rewarded with the sight of a fantastic palm grove, which flows into a beach with crystal clear sea. It is not for nothing that Bacardi chose this unique location for one of the most successful commercials of the cult drink.

If you like it a bit more adventurous, the expedition to the northwest of the island to see the breathtaking Balos beach with your own eyes is worth it. Since the journey by car is a bit more difficult, it is recommended to charter a boat together with your high class escort girl and reach this beautiful spot by sea. Who knows what this spontaneous sailing trip holds for hot surprises for you. 

In the footsteps of the stars in Elounda

If you want to experience the Crete of the internationally successful stars of Hollywood, you should take your VIP escort model to Elounda. The former picturesque fishing village is now the favorite place of celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio. Not far from Heraklion, the place awaits with 5-star luxury hotels, sapphire blue sea and dreamlike bays. What place would be better suited for romantic hours under the Mediterranean sun? 

Balsam for body and soul: honey and olives from Crete

In Crete you will find not only balm for the soul, but also for the body. The island is world famous for two things, among others: Honey and olives. Honey bees feel particularly comfortable in the climate of the Mediterranean throughout the island, which is why you can find them scattered everywhere. Due to the diversity of plants, they produce particularly tasty honey that you definitely have to taste. Olive trees, some several hundred years old, can also be found scattered all over the island. Especially the oil extracted from the sun-ripened olives regularly wins international awards. Both foods are said to have an aphrodisiac effect in addition to excellent properties for the body. So what are you waiting for to try this out personally?