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Trump tower on Bali

21 November 2017

Bali’s population shivers: US president plans to build giant tower in the island paradise


Picture this: Donald Trump at a Bali beach, with a view of the setting sun towards the Indian Ocean. „So great! Amazing!“ is what would slip out of his mouth, and in this case the American middle class would not disagree with him.

Where Donald Trump has a hunch, there is usually money to make. You can say all you want about the US President, he understands the art of making money. Many of our vip callgirls, easy to reach through the high class escort service, are of the same opinion. In a country where the legal building height limit is that of a coconut tree, Trump plans on building the "Trump International Hotel & Tower Bali“. An additional 18-hole golf course is planned, not a big surprise to the top class escort service or the vip escort ladies.

This poses the question whether the US President can do whatever he feels like doing. Are there rules for the American, conforming to every American cliché possible, of which the German has only heard of in his lifetime?

The Hindus advise: „The gods anger will strike Trump!"
Many of the traveling vip escorts would take this warning seriously: It is common to sacrifce to the gods many times per day, to appease them. But how much infuence does the US President Donald Trump have on the his „Trump Brand“?
The top class escort service would like to point out, that, after his surprising electoral victory, he passed the company-scepter on to his children. The planning stage for the hotel complex started in 2015 already, prior to the election and, interestingly enough, in cooperation with the Chinese super-rich Hary Tanoesoedibjo. Fittingly, this man is the Indonesian version of the US President and known as a real estate tycoon and a friend of women (he hosted a few Miss-Contests). And his infuence could increase: inspired by Trump’s success in the American Election, Tanoesoedibjo, who has Chinese root, plans on running for Chinese President. The luxury escort service is of the opinion, that two together could have enough infuence to topple the coconut palmtree law in Indonesia.

The escort service would like to point out: There are positive sides to this.
The Idonesian hotel staff are happy for the potential new jobs. The unemployment rate on Bali, at least to some reports, is estimated at 50 percent, there are no offcial numbers though. A few hundred jobs in the hotel sector would be created with a speedy progress of the building, this will introduce golden times for the vip callgirls. The high class escort ladies would enjoy it to be in the strong arms of an impressive gentleman and spend the time during sunset on a romantic island. Afterwards she will take good care of the gentleman in Trump’s luxury hotel.