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How dirty talk makes sex hotter

16 March 2022

Dirty Talk: The Art of Seductive Words

On a date with a first-class escort lady, you can look forward to an experience in a class of its own. Seductive glances that you exchange with your lady of the heart are accompanied by a stimulating conversation that leaves no room for boredom. Choosing the right words is an art that your partner masters playfully. Likewise, she knows how to put you in a certain mood with the right ones - and so it can happen that at the table of your dinner you suddenly have no thought left for dinner. In dirty talk, words are used in their most exciting form and never in a mediocre way. Listen to the seductive words on your next escort date.

What makes good dirty talk?

Whoever thinks of dirty talk as an unchosen, almost crude form of expression, has missed the point. Because like the name already says the words are dirty in a certain way. Yet they have nothing at all to do with inappropriate language. Rather, it is about using cleverly chosen words to create images in the mind that make the erotic desire rise immeasurably. In addition, there is no spatial limit for dirty talk. 
It can already start at an innocent restaurant visit directly after placing the order. Or your escort whispers sweet words in your ear. Just at the volume that your ears perceive them at all, while you visit the opera together. Catching the right moment is one of the greatest success factors. Once you've given in to the urge and retreated to the suite of your 5-star hotel, it doesn't have to be over yet. Good dirty talk also works great in bed. 

Seductive talk on your next escort date

The young, picture-perfect escort ladies that we as Ivana Models agency mediate exude pure joie de vivre. As equally interested and interesting cosmopolitans, they love to do their job as escort ladies on the side and in this way lead a glamorous and luxurious lifestyle. Dating interesting, successful and unfamiliar men in the process also brings a component of the unknown, which is very attractive. Moreover, as modern women, they live out their sexuality. Therefore, you can also look forward to the fact that the dirty talk is not forced or dishonest at any time. Rather, they share their own desires and passions and give you an insight into their preferences. Moreover, it is equally eroticizing for both of you when the words have an effect and are extended to both partners. Thus, the sexual attraction becomes greater and greater and puts them both in ecstasy, which you will not be able to let go so quickly. 

Dirty talk: tips for getting started

It is the fine line between light blushes and tender phrases that make good dirty talk. While the high standards can never be lessened, neither can the words be chosen too tamely. This much we can promise you: If you get completely involved in the situation, don't think too much, and always maintain mutual respect, the right words will come to mind all by themselves. When you initiate dirty talk, it is therefore advisable to approach the topic carefully and to choose somewhat more cautious phrases at first. What develops from this is entirely up to you ...