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Scent of an escort lady

25 March 2022

Scent of an escort lady: beguiling and seductive

What is the first thing you pay attention to when you meet a person? Is it the eyes, the clothes or maybe something else? So quite general, the question probably can not be answered. Because, of course, each person pays attention to other aspects of others. But - is science of the same opinion?
In fact, independent studies say that the success of the first encounter with a person depends to a large extent on the person's scent. If this information surprises you then let us tell you: for high class escort ladies this is nothing new. Apart from the fact that they themselves enjoy exciting perfumes, they surely know about the effect that the scent of an escort lady has on the world of men. 

Why do we fall for scents?

Scents and smells play an incredibly central role in the life of every single person. As one of the five senses, we perceive our surroundings with the help of scents. They can have a practical use, such as warning us of food that we should rather not eat anymore. However, we perceive them much more powerfully in all the positive aspects of our lives. And we often associate smells with memories. When you think of summer right now, doesn't the scent of sunscreen immediately climbs up your nose? There are countless examples of this. If you do some soul-searching, you will quickly realize how many memories are linked to scents. At the latest when you notice an aroma that has remained hidden from you for a long time. The emotions associated with the memories are the reason why we simply cannot resist certain scents. 

Why does just the scent of an escort lady smell so good?

It is magical to meet a first class escort lady. If she strolls across the street, rows upon rows of heads turn around after her. If she enters a cafe, time seems to freeze for a moment. But - what is the reason for that? Is it her stylish appearance in haute couture, her beauty that makes her surroundings look pale or her charisma that hardly anyone can escape? Probably it is the combination of various factors. However, one thing is for sure: she would never leave the house without wearing an absolutely beguiling fragrance. 

Which perfume is the right one?

To give a definite answer to this question is really not an easy task. Because there is a suitable fragrance for every mood of the day, every mood and every feeling. Of course, it also depends above all on who applies it. Because perfumes only unfold their full potential on the skin. Just as every character and every person is completely unique, so is their skin structure. Accordingly, each perfume transforms slightly depending on who wears it. 

Why noble fragrances are perfect for high class escort service

As true dream women, the escort ladies are well acquainted with the upscale circles and know luxury as a fixed part of their everyday life. A seductive fragrance fits the ideal that an escort lady lives up to. That is why she only uses the highest quality care products on her delicate skin. Starting with the exclusive shower oil, over the skin care products up to the perfume, all components are optimally coordinated with each other. 
On a date, you will never have the feeling of being overcome by a cloud of fragrance as soon as your temporary girlfriend enters the room. Rather, it is the seductive scent molecules that you discreetly perceive during a warm greeting. The absolute climax is of course reached when you move your date into more private spheres. While living out your erotic fantasies, you will perceive the scent of an escort lady all the more intensely and feel as if intoxicated. As a result, you will hardly be able to think about your escort date without remembering the ravishing aromas.