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Yacht Week Croatia: Party sailing trip

07 September 2021

Yacht Week Croatia:

Yacht Week Croatia - Experience a luxurious sailing trip on Yacht Week in Croatia with your top class travel escort. If the Adriatic Sea, sailing and legendary parties excite you, Yacht Week is an absolute recommendation. 

About Yacht Week

Yacht Week is a unique adventure where you can explore the islands and seas of the world on your own yacht. The best part is that you are never alone! Hundreds of like-minded sun worshippers and party seekers share your route, making Yacht Week an unparalleled experience. It takes place in select locations around the world with breathtaking itineraries that take you to turquoise waters and deserted islands. Therefore, we can confirm: the captivating atmosphere of Yacht Week is really very difficult to put into words.

What makes Yacht Week in Croatia so special?

In Croatia, the route is so popular that there are now two parallel tours with opposite start and end points. You start your adventure on your own yacht. Therefore, while the route is predetermined, you are free to decide how to get from point A to point B. Stay overnight with your escort on your yacht at spectacular bays where you will dive into turquoise waters during the day. Dance on your own or other boats, or visit bars and clubs along the route together with your travel escort girl. 


Yacht week 2021 in croatia

Sailing in Croatia

The route of the Yacht Week in Croatia is 100% designed for partying. In order to enjoy this to the fullest, it makes absolute sense to make use of a skipper. This will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery to the fullest and not have to worry about getting around on the water. Moreover, you will have more time to fully concentrate on this extraordinary experience with your travel escort. 

Party by day

The Yacht Week route in Croatia is known for its incomparable celebration culture: from parties on the water to parties on land, there is virtually no limit. During the day, the so-called raft parties often take place where you tie several yachts together to create a large circle. In addition, the club: "Carpe Diem" is an institution for parties during the day. 

Party by night

Of all the routes of Yacht Week, Croatia is unbeatable in terms of partying. At night, for example, the gates of "Fort George" open, where you can party in a fortress that is over 200 years old. In addition, the island of Hvar is an absolute guarantee for debauched parties in the Croatian sun. Therefore, the Croatia itinerary is an absolute must for all party lovers looking for a unique experience! 
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