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Booking a Lady with Ivana Models High Class Escort Service

Gentlemen thinking about booking a lady via the High-Class Escort Service for the first time often have a few questions. If you have any questions regarding the course of a date with a VIP Escort Lady, feel free to contact us by telephone and ask for information about our Escort agency. You can also read through the following frequently asked questions if you would like to obtain a first impression about our Escort Service agency.

In any case, we look forward to hearing from you and are already certain to be able to provide you with an Escort Model with whom you will experience a unique adventure.

Where can I find a list of services, provided by the models, which can be booked via Ivana Models High Class Escort Service?

As a leading High Class Escort Agency we don't work with a sexual service catelogue. All the escort models provide girlfriend experience. Please feel free to provide us with your preferences and we will present you with the fitting escort model, best suited to your pleasures. Last, but not least, the service of the Escort Ladyl always depends on mutual chemistry. We can not guanrantee service in advance. We hope for understanding.

Can I book a date with a High-Class Escort at short notice?

Yes, we are also able to realize booking requests at short notice.
You can reach the team of Booking Manager Ivana Rothstein and her Booking Agents Sarah Ahrens and Luna Weber 14 hours a day, seven days a week from 10:00 until 24:00. Especially during situations for short-term requests, after a successful business dinner or a trade fair meeting, you can reach us by phone, mail or WhatsApp.

How should I pay the Luxury Escort Service Lady?

The Escort Service Models would like the payment process to be as anonymous as possible, also for you as gentleman. That is why the ladies prefer being handed the agreed cash amount at the beginning of the date (to protect the ladies) in an envelope. This transaction with the lady of the Top-Class Escort Service will take place right where the action is.

Alternatively, you can transfer the money to our escort agency, before the date. Due to our accounting system we prefer bank wire of 40% of the escort fee. The recipient for bank wire is the companys name is neutral.
Should you prefer to transfer more than 40% of the fee or travel expenses, you may transfer directly to the bank account of the lady.

Does the Ivana Models Escort Agency also offer hotel and home visits?

Every VIP Escort Lady will gladly come and visit you in the hotel room. We would ask you to make sure that the hotel is adequate and with stylish ambiance, so that your sexy meeting will be a success and according to expectations on both sides. During trade fair periods and low hotel room availability, we will also accept hotel rooms of a lower price category as an exception and would ask you to please let us know ahead of time. We will gladly also provide you with a recommendation for a suitable hotel for your passionate meeting with a requested VIP Escort Lady. Do not hesitate to use our expertise as city guides.

Only some of the ladies of the High-Class Escort Service offer house calls. Please contact us to discuss the conditions. We would ask you to only suggest a house call if your home is furnished with style and provides an atmosphere, which is appropriate for a meeting with a lady. A home visit requires a 100% payment in advanve of the escort fee and the copy of your ID (bothsides). Alternatively you should be a returning client.

Can Ivana Models Top Class Escort Service recommend a hotel for me?

Of course. However, it greatly depends on your personal preferences which hotel will satisfy your requirements. We will gladly advise you by telephone. As an alternative, our Top-Class Escort Service has also compiled tips for hotels in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Luxembourg, Brussels, Dortmund, Essen, Ischgl, Mallorca, Monte Carlo, Gent and Vienna. They are listed under the menu item "Cities". You will also find information and recommendations for well-known attractions in nightlife, restaurants and shopping.

May I request outfit preferences for the VIP call girl from the Escort Service before the date?

Of course! As long as your wishes are realistic for the VIP call girl, she will gladly follow them. If you enjoyed a certain photo with a particular piece of clothing while browsing through the profiles of the High-Class Escort Service Ladies, please let us know and we will forward your request to the First-Class Escort Model.

Feel free to communicate any preferred pieces of clothing or outfits to us. Do not hesitate to express extraordinary requests to use - only if you are open and honest, we can make sure that your experience with the First-Class Escort Service Model will be an unforgettable adventure.

Should the lady not (or no longer) own the outfit you requested, there is always the option of the High-Class Escort Service Lady purchasing it for the date.

Should you pick a very revealing outfit, please note, that the model will arrive in her discreet wardrobe and will change into your chosen outfit.

Feel free to also purchase the outfit yourself to bring along to the date. That way, you can make sure that the VIP call girl lady will fulfill your expectations. We will gladly inform you of the clothing size of the models advertised by Ivana Models for accessories, high heel or clothes.

Will my data be handled discreetly at Ivana Models First Class Escort Service?

Of course! Our top priority is the protection of your identity. That is why our staff, as well as the ladies from the High-Class Escort Service pay special attention to discretion. We make sure that your personal data is treated accordingly and constantly remind the ladies who advertise with our Travelling VIP Escort Service that data need to be handled discreetly. That is how we convinced many gentlemen over the last years to take advantage of our escort agency.

Do the pictures in the profiles of the High-Class Escort Service Ladies actually correspond to reality?

We do not want to disappoint gentlemen, which is why we make sure, that the published photos are realistic impressions of the ladies. That is why our Escort Agency stands for. When we create the profile of the VIP call girls, we make sure that the photos are realistic depictions to prevent any misunderstandings.
All photos were taken by our own photographer, exclusively for Ivana Models VIP Escort Service Germany.
Ivana Models First Class Escort Service updates the photos of the Escort Ladies every twelve months, so that guests always see a current image of the models.

How does a First-Class Escort Date work?

Quite a few gentlemen contact us to ask how a First-Class Escort Date works. That is not an embarrassing question at all: Only those who know what to expect and how to behave can enjoy a date with a High-Class Escort Lady to the fullest extent. We will try to provide you with an exact answer to prevent any possible misunderstandings.

As a first step, you can browse through the profiles of the High-Class Escort Service Ladies and check for the VIP Escort Lady corresponding to your idea of the perfect woman. We will gladly also suggest the VIP Escort Models from the Member Arena. In the Member Arena, additional Top Class Escort Germany Models await, who are not listed online for discretionary reasons. Reach out to us via phone or e-mail. Once you have decided on one or two VIP call girls, think about where you would like the date to take place. Most of the women are travel enthusiasts and enjoy dates in foreign cities. However, the travel costs will be added to the fee of the ladies from the High-Class Escort Service when travelling to foreign cities. This information is included in the individual profiles of the ladies. Should you have any questions or be uncertain about anything, contact our team any time via e-mail or by telephone. We will help you quickly and efficiently, so that you can have the best possible experience with the service provided by our First-Class Escort Agency.

You can send us your data via WhatsApp, by phone or e-mail and we will forward it to the ladies of the Escort Service.

Do the High-Class Escort VIP Call Girls really do this as a side job?

Our Escort Service is well aware that High Class Escort VIP Call Girls are much more secure in social settings and enjoy their time more, if they only work as First-Class Escort as a side job. That is why we only cooperate with ladies, who work as an escort in addition to their fixed employment, or who are enrolled in a training or university program. The VIP High Class Escort Models come from a good home and have a strong social background. Just try the First-Class Escort Service and let the wonderful call girls convince you.

When do I have to pay travel costs for the Travelling VIP Escort Lady?

Whenever you would like to meet a Travelling VIP Escort outside of her hometown, travel costs will be due. The only exception are large cities, such as Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin or Dusseldorf, where distances can be somewhat longer. Furthermore, the airports are frequently located outside of the city center, which is why in some cases, supplemental travel expenses will be due. We can provide you with specific information about possible additional travel costs once you have decided on a booking. Feel free to call our High-Class Escort Service anytime if you have questions.

But don't worry: The travelcosts will be fair calculated. The travel costs for the most important cities are listed in the individual profiles of the Travelling VIP Escort Ladies under the header "Fees". Travelling VIP Escort Ladies determine their own travel expenses, we simply consult them. This is due to the fact that the ladies take different means of transportation.

If your travel destination is not listed in the profile of the High-Class Escort Service Lady of your desire, simply contact our staff - either by e-mail, telephone or via WhatsApp. By the way, our Escort Agency only forwards the actual travel costs to the lady and does not add further hourly fees. We think: Such a degree of fairness is self-evident. Making us different from other agencies.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the date I booked with the VIP Escort Lady. What happens now?

You have booked a date with a VIP Escort and received the confirmation from the lady from us? But now, something has suddenly come up. No need to worry: The Top-Class Escort Ladies handle such this situations quite fairly. We know very well that a business appointment can come up short-term, so that a private date with a High-Class Escort Companion must be rescheduled. The ladies do not charge for a rescheduled date, as long as they are not yet on their way to the meeting point. However, should the Travelling VIP Escort already be on her way to meet you, you will have to pay 50% of the fee.
Advance payments for dates, which have to be rescheduled or canceled will be reimbursed.

It is very important to us, to be able to secure the quality of our Escort Agency. We would love to hear your feedback to continuously be able to improve our consulting services. But we also look forward to being able to better assess the ladies based on the information provided by you. Gentlemen frequently have a very subjective view of the Travelling VIP Escort Ladies, which is why we look forward to receiving information, which we can use to place ladies with the right gentlemen, even more successfully in the future. Think about it: The models provided by the High-Class Escort Service are people, just like you.

Send us your praise and criticism via e-mail or text message - we will forward it to the right lady from the First-Class Escort Service.

Is it possible to have a phone conversation with the Travelling VIP Escort Lady before our date?

No, it is not, and there is a good reason: The Travelling VIP Escort Ladies pay our First-Class Escort Agency a commission, so that we can organize the framework situation with the gentleman. Just consider us the office of the VIP call girls: We filter out unsuitable candidates and consult with the Travelling VIP Escorts before putting you together. But if you would like us to forward an e-mail to the VIP call girl, we will gladly do so.

Please understand that the anonymity, of the ladies placed by the High-Class Escort Service, is of the highest priority.

Can I book a High-Class Escort Service Lady as a travel companion?

Of course, it is possible to hire a High-Class Escort Service Lady, from our Top-Class Escort Ageny,  as a travel companion. We would simply ask you to contact us, as early as possible. Since all Travelling VIP Escort Ladies have their normal jobs, they must, either submit holiday requests in their workplace or make up for missed classes at their university. This is only possible outside of exam periods.

How are the travel costs calculated for the Escort Models on long flights?

The ladies of the Ivana Models Escort Agency are looking forward to accompanying you on your vacation. For flights over 6 hours the High Class Escort Model travels in business class. If the journey exceeds a 12 hours flight time, the escort model reserves the right to charge an additional day.

When would you like to have your High Class Escort date?

The ladies pursue their escort activities alongside a professional career or parallel to their studies. Therefore we ask you to book early and to suggest a date. The team of the Ivana Models Escort Agency is of course also trying to realize short-term dates.

How long may the Escort Date pleasure last?

Arrange your High Class Escort experience according to your taste. Our team tries to realize every booking duration in the best possible way. Possibly the minimum booking duration of the escort model varies according to her hometown.

What are the special features of a duo booking?

Please note the favoured duo partner for an escort duo date in the respective sedcard of the model. If you are interested, you can contact us for a consultation. It is in our best interest to realize the Escort Date of your dreams.