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While in Bonn you might find yourself in the situation where you are looking for the perfect company of a lady during your stay. After a long day of business appointments or stressful meetings you do not have to stay alone in your hotel room. Enjoy the rest of the day with your lovely escort and get to know the city at the same time.

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What is the difference between a high class escort service and a regular escort service? The most important thing is not only the quality of the high class escort ladies, with their flawless, natural beauty, given to them by mother nature, but also their appearance and standards. No matter where you take them, they will shine and not only because of their perfect bodies, which is a given for a high class escort. The choice is yours: Will the model keep your company or may she erotically sweeten your day or night. Or both. This luxury escort service offers your a huge choice of models, which will fit your taste. Seductive blondes, lustful brunettes, racy black-haired or the lovely ginger, delicate and tender, sporty and slender or with feminine curves. You will surely find your dream type and you will spend amazing days, evenings and nights in Bonn together with your VIP callgirl.

Intimate sightseeing in Bonn

Bonn is primarily know for its past as the German Capital and former seat of the government. It has been this way for a while: The German government resided here for 50 years and it was the capital of Germany for a good 40 years. Make sure to visit Villa Hammerschmidt, the seat of the German Federal President. Currently the city has 320,000 inhabitants and is one of the 20 largest cities in Germany. The city has a vivid past and exists for about 2000 years.

The Middle Ages hold a special meaning to the city of Bonn. That is why you will find interesting tours revolving around this topic. Grab a torch, go on a tour with the nightwatch and take a deep dive into a mystic medieval world, close to how it might have been in this city, ages ago. Listen to eery stories about the plague, the cruel methods of torture, the relentless witch hunt, or the violent sacking of the city. It is ok to feel a little scared while standing at the old city wall, listening to the stories about the Black Death. Furthermore, you can walk the city streets with the witch hunters. They will tell you many stories about the witches that used to haunt the city. If you are lucky, you might just see a witch or a magician on your tour. The meeting point is at the old townhall.
The tour takes about two hours and you will learn many sad, dreadful and violent things about the city, but in a light and amusing way. Maybe you will take your private witch, a model from the high class escort service, with you. Surely she can tell your a little more about this charming city You can also book private tours and pick your topic of interest or trust your lady from the high escort service to show you around. Take a little scenic boat cruise together and relax a few hours along the rivers and on your tour through the harbors on the river Mosel and Rhein. Enticing and intimate: Should you like to spend your time relaxed and without making plans for a tour, your lady from the high class escort service will show you the city in her own way, which could be very interesting as well.

Our restaurant recommendations


The La Cigale

Located at Friedrichsstraße 18, you will feast on excellent lunches as well as dinners. The classy wine buffet is open from 12 AM until 3 PM and from 12 AM until 11 PM, the kitchen closes at 10 PM. French art nouveau paintings and fitting decor gives the bistro the french touch, which can also be found in its excellent dishes. A tasty French Cuisine, ambitious and with a special care to the details. All of that in a relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately on Sundays it is closed.


The Strandhaus offers its guests a prime kitchen. It creates everything, from boiled beef „Tafelspitz“ to Baklava. Find it at Georgstraße 28, opened from 6 PM to 1 AM, closed on Mondays and Sundays. There is a first class wine cellar and the restaurant offers exciting courses: a six course menu to get a good taste of everything. Alternatively, a menu for people looking for a surprise: a 3 course menu. The vegetarians can look forward to tasty meat-free course.

Rosental 5

Rosental 5 is the adress of Kaspars Restaurant, which was awarded a Michelin Star and offers an excellent cuisine of a high level. There is casual fine dining from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 6 PM to 12 PM, not opened on Sundays and Mondays. The restaurant is right at the Bonner boardwalk of the river Rhein. There you should not miss the terrace, with its 30 seats and opened until 12 PM.

Halbedel`s Gasthaus

The Halbedel’s Tavern, at Rheinallee 47, welcomes you from 6 PM to 12 PM, except on Mondays. Here you will find comfort and wholesome down- to-earth dishes. You also have the option to book a room, food included. And you might just catch star cook Rainer Maria Halbedel in the mood to talk about his work. That is also included.


Just by Argelanderstraße 103 lays the young and innovative venue that values fresh and regional dishes. Eat lunch or dinner here together with your escort, except Tuesdays. Visit on weekends and holidays from 5 PM to 1 AM. During the week you can stop by from 12 PM to 3 PM and on evenings from 6 PM to 10 PM. Except Tuesdays. There are so many more restaurants to discover, that will treat you with great food. In Bonn you will find Italian, Asian and South American delicacies. The important thing is, that you and your escort enjoy the dishes and the later pleasures of the evening. Bonn comes alive at night and you will have a plenty of choices for you to continue the evening after a satisfying dinner.


Bars and locations to dance through the night - 3 tips


At Shaker’s you can amuse yourself on two levels, a lounge and a terrace along with a DJ, making sure you have the right music to dance to. For the late night snack there are burgers on offer as well as specialties of the US kitchen. It is open for you from 5 PM until 1 AM and is looking forward to your visit.

Blow Up

Just shortly the Blow Up was reopened at Sterntorbrücke 7 and has already developed into one of the best clubs of the city. Starting at 10 PM it is going to down, Swingin’ Sixties, Beat, Rock, Surf, Jazz and RnB as well as Organgrooves asure a great atmosphere and a relaxed mood.

Schickimicki Club

One of the most popular clubs of the city, which prefers a crowd over 24, you will be right at home at the Schickimicki Club. It is located at Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz and only opened on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 10 PM. One of the benefits of the place are the Lady’s Night or nice welcome drinks for the ladies.
You will have a great night with a great lady in all the different clubs and bars with their very varied music genres. It all depends on your personal taste.Enjoy your stay in this pretty city and look forward to unforgettable nights together with your lady from the escort service. She will take good care of you.


A selection of 5 hotels in Bonn

In the city there is a great choice of hotels from all categories. Here we will suggest the special ones.

Kameha Grand Bonn

One of the prime hotels is the Kameha Grand Bonn, located at Bonner Bogen 1 which is a favorite spot for many of the local Bonners. If you are a weekendlover and want to spend two days in Bonn, privately or exploring the city, this is the place. The house owned club, the Pure Gold Afterwork is the best suggestion for after work clubbing. Restaurants of the finest cuisines offer tasty varied dishes from brasserie to japanese fine dining at Yunico or the Stage Bar & Lounge, as well as the Rheinalm. 4 selections to let the evening come to an end. The inhouse Spa treats the stressed ones with massages, skin care and swimming in the heated outdoor pool Infinity. The view from the rooftop relaxes and is simply good for you.

The Maritim Hotel

The Maritim Hotel is in Bad Godesbeerg, right in the center of economy and business. Also, the Museumsmeile is very close. The hotel offers its guests a classy bar, a rotisserie, a café, a brasserie as well as a pianobar to retreat to, plus a Bistro the "La Maree“.

The Ameron

The Ameron at Andenauerallee captivates with its romantic location by the river Rhein, and this close to the water you will feel the relaxing effect. The hotel offers the guests prize-winning dishes and classy living spaces in exclusive suites. The kitchen is sophisticated Cucina Italiana, and the pounds you gain here, you will lose in the fitness area of the hotel.

The Hilton

The Hilton is a classic and lives up to the high demands of the guests. Find the Hotel at the Berliner Freiheit 2, directly at the Rhein River and just 500 meters away from the Beethovenhaus. The opera is 5 minutes away. All in all, with its great location, this hotel is a favorite for couples. Ideal for a stay with your lady company from the high class escort service. The culinary choices are: The Grill with its legendary Wagyu Beef, the Grab n’ Go Kiosk and the Kennedy Bar. You will have plenty to entertain yourself and your lady. Do not miss the luxury spa, and simply relax.

Marriott World Conference Hotel

The Marriot World Conference Hotel at the Platz der Vereinten Nationen is the choice for a superb stay in the former capital of Germany. With an attractive escort from the luxury escort service you will enjoy amazing days in this remarkable city.


Bonn City Events for two

The most famous son of the city is without a doubt Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born in the year 1772 at Bonngasse 20. He left later in his life, with 22 years, he left for Wien, the metropolis for music. In the Remigiuskirche you can see his bapstimal font, where he, in 1770, received his baptism. So it is only natural that the city pays homage to its famous and extremely talented son, and built a Beethoven Hall for him. There you will experience great concerts and marvel at the memorial for the music of this genius. Cuddle together and listen to the chimes and sounds of the great master and the Beethoven Orchestra.
An event that you do not want to miss is the „Kirschblüte“. If your stay is in the warm days in April, you will witness a pink sea of flowers, which comes close to a spectacle of nature and is something romantic and special to experience with your escort.
The old townhall looks impressive in its Rokoko Building Facade. At least give it a look and do not miss it! That would be too bad.
This city holds a great amount of interesting museums, waiting to be visited by culturally interested people. Of course also in the company of an escort from the high class escort service, who will make your stay as enjoyable as possible.



The ladies from our high class escort advertisement platform are looking forward to show you Bonn and experience it together with you. If you are in Bonn and do not know what to do with yourself, do not hesitate and contact the first class escort service. Then you get to pick from the stunning beauties, just the one that fits your demands perfectly.
Here you can dine amazingly with the lady of your dreams and spend a relaxed or an exciting one. It is your choice how you want to spend your time. What counts is that you enjoy your stay in Bonn together with a lady from the high class escort service and will not forget it.