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Escort Constance

High Class Escort Constance

Constance is one of the most beautiful locations in the whole region around Lake Constance, which will greet you with a varied cultural offer and a range of recreational activities, gastronomic choices, and entertainment. Looking at the region and its people, you will soon realize that Baden- Wuerttemberg is much more open-minded when it comes to eroticism and everything that comes along with it. Along with brothels and swinger clubs, many photographers from the erotic-industry shoot here.

Even the term escort is not unknown here.
Especially as a reputable man, here, in the south of Germany, you will find the appropriate sensual company here. Also, you will find the fitting activities to enjoy together with your high class escort. Whether that would be the perfect hotels for an overnight stay, the Constance Nightlife, classical music at the philharmonic orchestra or the gastronomical varieties of the region.
To spend your time with a respectable escort is the privilege of the upper class and the ones on the higher steps of the ladder. But to be in presence of a female first class escort is a true pleasure, which others might never experience or cannot even imagine.

With your personal escort, you can explore the many locales in and around Constance, in its multifaceted and yet upper style. Book a luxurious hotel, enjoy your date in a noble restaurant or take your high class escort to a theater, just before spending the hours of the night together. She will definitely know how to entertain, seduce, enjoy and let you enjoy.
If you and your escort have similar interests and have a good chemistry together, you will find unforeseen activities in the area, which are best-enjoyed together.

Our restaurant recommendations


Restaurant Papageno

At the southeastern corner, located close to Sea Life, you will find the gourmet kitchen of the Papageno restaurant. A rich choice of primers, fish, and meat dishes, rounded off by a dessert are waiting for you. The composition of three-, four- and five-course menus below the three-digit price point are waiting to be enjoyed. Along with a seasonal selection of individual ingredients you will taste on variations of fine wines. Feast on fine gastronomy or make use of the catering service.


In the northern half of the city, the restaurant Orphelia does not only offer true taste explosions, thanks to its international cuisine but true creative pleasures, which are really nice to look at as well. Very pleasing to the eye. The set smart casual dress code, for you and your vip escort, are meant to uphold the upper standards of the restaurant. In this pleasant ambiance, you will be served vegetarian dishes as well as four-, five- or six-course meals for the human carnivores. In comparison to the restaurant Papageno, Orphelia is of an upper price range.

Catina Rabaja

The Spanish and Mexican wine store and restaurant is located at the Swiss border, close to the Hus Museum. The assortment offers selected wines from noon to the evening along with the dishes, especially for gourmets of delicate meat. The Cantina Rabaja is known for its great location for festivities - making it a fitting location to host your own party or to be a part of the many in- house events.

And should you want to let someone else enjoy these culinary pleasures, a voucher of the restaurant makes for the perfect gift.

The Barbarossa Gourmetrestaurant

The gourmet restaurant with the attached, eponymous hotel, serves hearty dishes, from regional produce, with a focus on traditional, seasonal and mediterranean compositions. The selection of primers and soups as well as meat and fish dishes along with a few vegetarian creations, this restaurant shines with its great ambiance for an affordable price range. The Hotel Barbarossa with its restaurant and wine parlor is located at the edge of the old city and invites with its rustic, archaic style.

The San Martino - for the hearty flair

Awarded with sixteen points, the gourmet restaurant at Lake Constance is located right in the middle of the Constance old city, just by the city wall. The restaurant offers its own parking spaces, making it easy to reach via car as well, just as well with the public transport. The German Austrian cuisine offers culinary delights along with distinguished and high-quality wines from a regional, national and an international selection. Following the delicious dinner, the in-house lounge and bar invite you for a cocktail or a glass of whiskey.

Alcoholic as well as nonalcoholic creations, you surely have not seen before, will be served to you and your charming high class escort.
On festive days, such a new year’s eve, the restaurant serves special gourmet menus. For this, we advise booking a table beforehand.
Along with the great food, the host of the San Martino Restaurant puts his efforts in the optimal care for his guests. An ambiance extraordinaire will greet you and is rounded off by a prime service, truly making this visit exceptional.

Sights of the city


The Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra

Dress up in your finest suit, pick something classy for your premium escort and it is off to the Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra, which comes highly recommended. Located by the fish market, this fine cultural establishment offers classical orchestral entertainment in an upper ambiance, always starting in March. You and your escort should consider purchasing a subscription to benefit from other offers in the city.

The Rose Garden Museum

The Rose Garden Museum, located centrally in the old city, gives you a chance to learn much about Constance. Built in 1870, by the city council and the apothecary Ludwig Leiner, the museum displays popular works of four past centuries, of the nobility and portrait art. A visit will also let you see the early photography of the society and will give you insights into the historical development of the region around Lake Constance.

The Mainau Flower Island

Not right in the middle of the city, but in the closer surroundings, the flower island Mainau is the prime place for romantics. Do you prefer comfortable, friendly and yet romantically intimate spots?

The flower island is the place for you. The island is easy to reach from around Lake Constance with a ferry or through a walk together with your lady, thanks to the close location to the city. A visit in the summer months is recommended when all of the plants and flowers are thriving. At this time, the island is not only visually stunning but simply smells amazing.

Casino Constance

Live games, slot games, tournaments, a distinguished kitchen and a stylish, charming bar. All of this united in the Constance Casino.

You and your escort should dress up - the gentleman in a shirt and sports coat, the lady in a blazer or evening gown - to make sure you will be granted access and get to enjoy the splendid ambiance of the casino. The casino is located by the Rhine River. The ,,Dine & Play” packages are available in the basic, special, or royal variant and not only include an evening full of excitement with the games, but will take good care of your taste palate with culinary masterpieces.


The luxurious villa, held in the Jugendstil, will offer great nights and complete hospitality for you and your escort. The various offers impress. Feast on highest culinary creations, relax in the spa, enjoy the rooftop pool or the many events inviting you for a homely evening in a casual style as well as glamorous gala dinners in fine gowns. The RIVA hotel stands by the Lake Constance and the rooms with their large windows offer the perfect view of the lake and serve with a very special feeling. The 4.5 star hotel is of the upper price range and offers additional services and benefits.

Close by the hotel is the casino, where you get to gamble with live games or automated games as well as tournaments. If you have no experience with roulette, you and your escort can visit a roulette seminar, in the appropriate dress code of course.

A selection of hotels in Constance


The Steigenberger Inselhotel

The Steigenberger Inselhotel is of the 4.5 star class as well. The outer appearance is reminiscent of a quaint, stately and well cared for estate. It is located on the southern side of the island, right by the banks of the lake and offers, not only, to book a stay for a few nights, but also packages for a reduced price. Your premium escort will be amazed by the nature emphatic suites and here, a relaxed stay is guaranteed. The guests get to enjoy the spa and the wellness offers as well as help when planning and organizing events. The two in-house restaurants and the bar are worth the visit. For one, the Dominikanerstube, held in a rustic, quaint style and the Seerestaurant with a creative interior concept. All of this followed by a visit for a cocktail at the Zeppelinbar or the Seeterrasse.

Around this hotel, you will not only find Lake Constance, with its many past-time activities, but lots of impressions of the original trade metropolis. The Imperiastatue at the entry to the port is one of the famous landmarks and easily reached on foot within a few minutes.

Hotel 47°

In the northern half of the city, Hotel 47° impresses with its classical and elegantly appointed rooms and the dreamlike view of the Lake Constance and the Rhine River. A candlelight dinner with your high class escort at Friedrichs Restaurant will be the pinnacle of the evening, up to that point. The hotel furthermore shines with a wellness area, a bar and offers special packages for you to benefit from. Such as a shopping package, wellness stay or simply a timeout of prime quality.
The hotel has a cooperation with the golf court in the area and on the ground level you will find a small shop.

The nightlife and more


Swing for Fun

For the adventurous types and the lovers of variety, close to the Constance main station, you will find the swinger club Swing for Fun. Thursdays to Sundays, singles and couples can partake in motto parties and frivolous festivities, combined with culinary delights and aperitifs. This makes the hours of the night in Constance with, not only your escort, a complete success.


Lovers of striptease and erotic dance will find a good selection of burlesque-themed locales around the city. The WUstenzauber Konstanz offers erotic entertainment on the highest level, paired with humor and charm. With the dance group you can not only enjoy the shows for yourself but, if you wish, take part in a burlesque, oriental or gypsy dance workshop.

FKK at Lake Constance

Nudism and open body culture are less accepted nowadays. Especially in the areas around Lake Constance, you will only find two locations, which permit the nudism in public. One is located in Austria and the second one in the city, the Hornle Bad, right by the bay and close to the stadion, which allows access and complete freedom for its full-aged visitors.

The Grand Giorno

For the erotic musings, sizzling hours of the night and charming, humorous entertainment, Constance and the area around it has plenty of choices to pick from. And when in Constance with a premium escort, she will round off the evening perfectly, with her skillful choice of words and her ways of seduction.

For a longer stay in Constance with your premium escort, we recommend a multiple course menu at OPHELIA with a glass of wine and a good conversation to start the evening. After getting to know each other, the city and its surroundings offer many activities, such as the theater, the casino or erotic events, museums or great hotel bars. The philharmonic orchestra will amaze friends of classical music and the swinger club will spur the fantasies. For the months of Summer, Lake Constance is the prime destination for bathing and the Hornle Bad, right by the bay of the lake, allows for an open body culture. The city offers much in terms of sensual and upper activities and will never cease to be adventurous and exciting.