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High Class Escort Prague Model - Agnes

Escort Category Gold
Age 30
Height 172 cm
Weight 56 kg
Measurements 90-62-90
Dress size 36
Cup size 75 B
Eye colour brown
Hair colour brown
Hair length Long (half of my back)
Professional background marketing and PR manager
Languages English, German, Italian and Czech
Nationality Czech
Cuisine Italian, French
Drinks Red wine, champagne
Clothes Sexy elegant
Perfume Chanel Coco Noir
Handbag label Celine, Dior, Louis Vuitton
Character optimistic and energetic, extrovert
Interests sport, traveling, fashion, culture, foreign languages
Duo Yes
Couple Dates Yes

Interview – Escort Model Agnes from Prague

What makes being an escort exciting for you?

Being an escort lady means for me something special, exciting and challenging. I really enjoy the company of nice gentlemen, speak with him about interesting topic, visit special places and being a right companion with style and elegance. If the man is the right gentleman, I can be also in return very attentive. I am very sexy, seductive, smart and always nice dressed with the best charming lingerie, high heels and dresses.

What is your best characteristic?

I am an optimistic, intelligent, energetic, generous, reliable and spontaneous person with lot of sense of humor.

What is the secret to seduce you in any situation?

I can be seduced very easily if the man is attractive, nice dressed, well perfumed and can give me lot compliments and attention.

What is special about you?

I think that this question is maybe more focused to my friends, but anyway I think that I can be very adaptable to each situations, I am really lady and preserve my noble character in every situation. I can speak with anyone about many different themes, I am very open minded and communicative. I can entertain one man, but also bigger group of the people.
I also speak many languages - 4 different languages, so I think that also in this skill is my speciality and I am very sporty woman.

Be spontaneous: Which person has left a lasting impression on your life?

My mum. Definitely and always she will be my first and lasting person who will leave impression to me. Because she is smart, modest, but honest and very very helpful and kind.

Your favorite movie?

The devil wears Prada. Just because it is from the fashion environment which it is very close to me and in the movie plays my favorite actress Meryl Streep.

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