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Experience Athens, the largest city in Greece, the city of the Olympic Games and sports, in all its facets and everything it has to offer. The city is so famous for the unbelievably beautiful mountains and hills that surround Athens and for its metro art. The metro stations are also museums, which attracts many visitors and fascinates them. From the mountains that surround Athens you have such a beautiful view that you will almost lose your breath. If you are standing next to a noble high class escort model, there is hardly anything to stand in the way of the best moment of your life. The Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens is the luxury hotel par excellence. The resort was founded and opened in the 1960s and is located on one of Athens's beautiful peninsulas. To ensure that guests are always offered the best of all worlds, the resort is close to shimmering beaches and world-class restaurants overlooking beautiful Athens and its seas. There you have the opportunity to sail to the Greek islands on a giant yacht or a romantic little boat. You can enjoy this in full privacy with your high class escort model. 


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Or you can be transported by the staff to your destination - the choice is yours! The international airport is only half an hour from the hotel, so the journey won't be too complicated. Marble, light colours and many flower patterns decorate the Four Seasons. The interiors are kept very simple and pale, making them noble and soft. The lounge of the hotel gives you the opportunity to view Greek books and antique objects - a kind of museum in a luxury hotel. It also offers 303 rooms and suites, all of which are luxuriously furnished and divided into two buildings. Arion and Nafsika, the larger part, are called these buildings, which have bungalows and many pine trees between them. Your suite bathroom, which has mosaic floors and huge mirrors, will have a view that you and your high class escort model can enjoy every morning. The interior of the suites is luxurious and glamorous. 

In the Arion Hotel the walls are designed in bluish and grey tones, which creates a noble and at the same time light atmosphere. The 700 employees will do everything to make your stay unique. The reception, which is available around the clock, will be happy to take care of your wishes. The barkeeper is always ready for a small drink in between. In Chile showers, the huge pool, which promises sea view, and a Hamam, which is painted completely white, you can relax with your discreet high class escort model completely extensively, in order to be able to savor the further days in Athens properly. Every morning there is an excellent buffet, which will offer you the whole range of delicacies. The NEW Hotel is located in the main traffic centre in Athens and in the immediate vicinity of many impressive sights such as the Poster Quarter and the Acropolis. In the 79 rooms that the hotel has to offer, you can count on the most luxurious and best equipment par excellence. You can choose between Superior, Superior Plus and Junior Suites to get the best for you and your high class escort lady. 

The hotel's electric penthouse is probably the most glamorous in Athens. Also this luxury accommodation is known for its selected spa offer and offers you personal facials and massages. There are also two restaurants, including the Art Lounge Bar Restaurant, which is located at the top of the roof and will give you a great view. The other restaurant is the Acropolis, which is located on the ground floor and offers only the finest cuisine. Mediterranean and international cuisine is on the menu. From the delicious and extensive breakfast, over a delicate lunch up to the 5 course menu in the evening always only the finest is offered in the restaurants. Those who go to Athens can enjoy culinary events and get to know completely new delicacies. You, too, can embark on a journey into a pleasurable stay in Athens. Enjoy, together with your high class escort model, the classical Greek dishes. 


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The Funky Gourmet Restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars and offers traditional Greek cuisine that is innovative and special. It was built in 2009 and has since been awarded its two Michelin stars for offering excellent food and service. Unconventional and relaxed, the chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos take care of your well-being at any time of your visit. Tasty Greek Bottarga tartlets can be enjoyed with your high class escort girl and enjoy the aphrodisiac effect of the white chocolate. An upscale, very sophisticated interior charme can be felt here, which is why we think that this location is perfect for you and the charming high class escort model. The Spondi Restaurant, also awarded with two Michelin stars, attracts guests from all over Europe, which is not least due to the modernity of the luxury restaurant. A menu that varies according to the season and the chef's mood is served by the kitchen. The exquisite dishes are prepared by the chef with personality and have a light exotic touch so that every meal is a very special one. For a little privacy with your high class escort girl you can request a private dinner where you will be offered a personal meal in a separate, luxurious hall. 

Estiatorio Milos Athens - a restaurant that returned to Athens in 2004 after arriving in Montreal some twenty years earlier. No matter where the restaurants are or what year we have, they all share the same goal: a blend of elegant and simple design and excellent food. Fresh and exquisite ingredients ensure that every dish in these restaurants is excellent. Of course, the chef's art of cooking must not be neglected. Fresh fish, beautifully seasoned - this is one of the classics of the luxury restaurant. Private rooms are not uncommon here. Just as prominent guests like Beyonce and Madonna. The GB roof garden is located on the artistically designed roof of the Hotel Grand Bretagne, which is why you can once again catch an unbelievably beautiful view, and has been enchanting for quite some time with the delicious dishes. 

In Athens you can certainly experience wonderful times without any problems, especially when accompanied by a beautiful high class escort lady. As the largest city in Greece, it offers many locations and sights. If you are enthusiastic about the Olympic Games or simply interested, Athens is the place for you. Beside the sporty aspect, the city offers cultural and also artistic places that have already completely fascinated many a person. In all its facets and contrasts, Athens should be a destination for everyone. The so-called centre of the world is very beautiful to look at, especially in the evening, at sunset, or even in the morning when the sun rises, and offers many admirable moments. Jump into this adventure and let us show you the world of Athens. The high class escort model will be at your side for beautiful times and will accompany you to all the great places you want to visit. In each case you will experience with her an incredibly beautiful time, which you will remember for a long time. We wish you and the sweet high class escort model a lot of fun with all the exciting activities.