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Discover the wonderful Brussels with the exquisite high class model at your side 

The fact that Brussels is a wonderful place to go if you want to experience numerous and impressive sightseeings and be enchanted by a completely different kind of beauty, is well known everywhere and completely legitimate as well as comprehensible. Thus, the Atomium, which is considered to be one of the landmarks of Brussels, is very respectable and interesting. A short trip there will hardly be regretted by anyone. Equally notorious is the Comic-Museum, which has been presenting many exhibitions for over 25 years now and impresses and inspires with its excellent and unique ambience. Or you can visit the paved streets of Sablon with your VIP escort model. In order to be able to start this trip really stress-free, you should read the following text with all first-class hotels and leisure activities to get the very best out of your vacation with the tender high class escort model. 


Escort Girls in Belgium Brussels


Let's start with the Warwick Brussels Hotel, one of the most luxurious in Brussels. It is right in the city centre, so you only need 2 minutes on foot to be in the action with your high class model and experience everything relevant in Brussels. Besides the good accessibility, this luxurious hotel also plays with the interior of the rooms, which contains many small extras and a huge flat screen. Of course, you can also count on a round-the-clock room service. This will fulfill you and your charming high class escort company every wish, no matter how unusual, with great joy and much effort. Let yourself also be fascinated by the beautiful brick facade of these splendid hotels. If you decide to visit the Warwick Brussels Hotel, you should definitely book one of the two exclusive luxury suites. Your suite has a breathtaking view of almost the entire city from the living room and an equally impressive roof terrace. Such a great view should not be missed. For all sports lovers there is a huge sports area. For the fine VIP escort girl at your side an excellent wellness program. 

Another very good choice is the Hotel Amigo, which is located in the centre of Brussels, directly at the corner to the Grand Place. The hotel is located in such a way that one only needs about 200 metres to the statue Manneken Pis. Maybe this is a beautiful sight that you can see with your VIP escort lady? Should you both decide to spend the day in the luxury bed of your suite, the huge flat screen in the bedroom will delight you. Or you can enjoy a bit of shower fun with the high class escort model in the luxurious mosaic bathroom. The noble design of the suites is heavenly beautiful and always ensures a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. This hotel even has its own award-winning restaurant in its repertoire. Especially for people who want to spend a few intimate, romantic hours together, this hotel should be perfect. We wouldn't miss it.

The Comme Chez Soi is an elegant and very well rated restaurant at Place Rouppe 23 in Brussels. Demanding chefs, very specific and always delicious cuisine, in which great value is placed on the perfect interaction of all ingredients. The Comme Chez Soi chefs are known and loved for their sauces and seafood. Only the very best wine will be presented and offered to you with these special delicacies. Definitely worth a visit, we think! Jean-Pierre, the chef at Bruneau, is certainly worth a visit. His perfectionist streak makes him plan each of his excellent menus down to the smallest detail and put them into practice. If you come here with your gorgeous VIP escort, you can't go wrong. Anyone who is in love with details will also fall in love with the art of Jean-Pierre. Bon-Bon, which sounds like a delicious candy here, is the luxury restaurant of the Belgian chef Christophe Hardiquest, a very respected man among all gourmets. It is located in Av. De Tervueren 453, where seafood also plays a relevant and decisive role. This in combination with rice as a wonderful Sushi kind, pleases many of its guests very well. 

Last but not least is the Sea Grill Restaurant in R. Fossé aux Louis 47. A new renovation makes it shine in bright and cozy colours and thus provides an unmistakable ambience and experience. Fish and seafood freshly prepared and perfectly marinated and decorated - this is how you can imagine this restaurant. While preparing the delicacies, you can even look over the chef's shoulder. A great experience for you and your high class escort model. In order to let an evening end beautifully, a bar offers itself very well. Brussels has some of the best cocktail and wine bars. Take your sparkling high class escort lady with you to Etiquette, a world class wine bar in the heart of Brussels. It should be the most visited wine bar. That's not hard to believe with all the quality and exquisite wines your menu has to offer. The unbelievable size of the bar gives it a royal touch, which will surely appeal to you and the VIP escort model. In addition to all the elegant wines that the bar offers, it also has all the other alcoholic classics and also various dishes on offer. 

Wine in the City, a place that used to be 'just' a small but fine wine bar, has now become more of a prestigious and big gastronomic address. In addition to all the delicious drinks, there are artistically decorated dishes, all of which are lovingly and first-class prepared. Who visits the north of Brussels should take a few hours to choose this exciting local. The Noir Wine Bar offers the perfect blend of high class and relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Whether you are a wine lover or not, this bar is worth a visit, perhaps more than one. Since you can never get enough of bars, we would like to show you a few cocktail bars in Brussels. For example the Alice Cocktail Bar. This is located above a very popular restaurant and offers, especially at night, incredible views and the best cocktails imaginable. 

The ambience here is also convincing, as is the trained staff who will be happy to look after you and the VIP escort model at any time. Hortense & Humus, a cocktail bar run by Matthieu Chaumont, a man considered the cocktail king par excellence, brings a smile to everyone's face. His dishes are exclusively vegetarian and all excellent. Or you can enter the nightlife at L'Archiduc. Stars and VIPs can be found here. It belongs to Brussels like hardly anything else - a real must if you want to really experience Brussels. We wish you already now, with the great Brussels journey with her high class escort model a lot of joy and many tingling and sweet moments, which only concern the both of you! Ivana Models.