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A small excursion into the beautiful - with the high class escort model Istanbul 

Istanbul is a particularly suitable city for football fans. The people there are football enthusiasts. The many football clubs are impressive, as are the musical festivals Istanbul presents. Many events take place throughout the year. Among others the International Istanbul Theater Festival, which takes place in June and offers over 50 events, including plays and dance pieces. The International Istanbul Jazz Festival is also very popular with more than 300 musicians, including many international ones. It also has about 40 bands, all of which give excellent concerts. For all reading lovers, the Istanbul Book Fair in October is a great show with more than 250,000 visitors gathering to admire the fair. Art fairs are also held in large numbers in Istanbul. One example is the Istanbul Art Fair in October, which is visited by many international guests. In addition to all the interesting and varied exhibitions, Istanbul's location is a huge plus. Europe and Asia at the same time, a unique location. An ambience mixed with modernity and tradition. Those who want to have a nice holiday in Istanbul definitely need some good hotel tips, as the city has a lot to offer if you do everything right. 


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The Hyatt Centris Levent Hotel has become one of the most popular hotels in Istanbul. It fascinates with a high class ambience that you and the high class escort girl will surely like very much. The mixture of modernity and old Turkish tradition is taken up and applied also here, with the interior decoration of the hotel. Noble furnishings and straight, discreet patterns and lines can be found here. The hotel has 78 majestic rooms and suites. On more than three levels you can enjoy a little wellness and relaxation together with the VIP call girl Istanbul. The hotel is known and loved for its excellent spa. Here you can enjoy a visit to the sauna or even be pampered by professional masseurs. To make this relaxing experience really relaxing, the walls of the grandfather are made of bronze and marble. As you can see, this is the perfect place to leave all the stress out and just enjoy the good mood. If you want to enjoy Turkish breakfast on the roof, Istanbul is the place to be. Treat yourself and your high class escort girl to a Turkish breakfast, which is very delicate, on the roof, which provides you with an exhilarating view of the Bosporus. It is also allowed to take some heavenly photos of the Galata Tower, which is very famous. In addition to the delicious Turkish coffee you will be offered many Turkish desserts such as baklava. These Turkish desserts are a piece of heaven for you and the heavenly high class escort lady! 

Or you can both take a day course to learn how to make the delicious traditional baklava yourself. The steps are described in detail by the professional so that you can make no mistakes. The special guide will pick you up from your hotel and accompany you to Sefaköy. This is a really modern part of Turkey. Who is a fan of sunsets or Romanesque boat tours, should not miss the luxury yacht trip in Istanbul. While sailing on this glamorous boat, you can enjoy the beauty of Dolmabahce Palace or admire Rumeli Fortress. Both are special attractions that the luxury yacht will pass on her journey. You can spend about 2.5 hours with your charming high class escort on this tour. In the evening you will be offered the grandiose sight of the skyline of Istanbul, you may experience the sunset between two continents live and enjoy it. On the yacht itself there is an exquisite bar, which will offer you the whole cruise with delicious cocktails and small delicacies. We assure you that hardly any sunset is as beautiful as the one in Istanbul. And then to enjoy it from a luxurious and glamorous ship accompanied by a fabulous young high class escort model is a very special privilege that we would not miss so easily. 


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Ulus 29 is one of the most popular restaurants in Turkey and was opened in 1993. The perfect place to admire the bridges of Istanbul directly from the terrace of the restaurant's roof at Communion. Simple concepts with traditional cooking methods and always the seasonal foods are offered here. You will be offered homemade and completely dry matured meat. The owners also make their own ice cream and pasta. This makes every visit more authentic and complete. Also with the cocktails and the really large wine selection this restaurant can score. In addition, there is beautiful classical music that will make your meal even more tasty. There are countless fun activities in Istanbul that can be experienced during the day, as we now know. But this city is also known for never being at rest, never sleeping. So you should definitely try to make the most of everything Istanbul has to offer day and night. To make the most of your luxurious holiday, so to speak.  Istanbul shines and sparkles at night. The party doesn't start until late at night, so that the first ones leave the club or bar in the early morning. The people in Istanbul know how to celebrate! Take your high class escort lady by the hand and start the night of your life with her! Samdan, for example, is one of the most luxurious discotheques in Turkey. The Lucca offers you a very special mixture of culinary feast and party as it is a fine restaurant during the day and an exclusive bar lounge at night. 

Especially the upscale clientele likes to be seen here and spends one or the other night in the Lucca, with good music and delicious cocktails. If you want to enjoy a great view of a bar, you should definitely take your VIP escort lady with you to the Reina Bar. This is located directly under the Boğaziçi bridge, which is why the view is heavenly and extends over the Bosporus. The Anjelique is home to just as many musicians and well-known personalities. One of the probably most glamorous clubs Istanbul has to offer. The Efendi has been full since it opened, so a break for the owners is unthinkable. Many regional and international dishes and cocktails are offered here. The cocktails have a light herbal touch, which makes them so unique and eye-catching. The music is very fresh and versatile. If you want to experience an exciting night with your high class escort model, the Efendi is really recommendable. It is also located right in the center of Istanbul's upscale neighborhood. A holiday in Istanbul, be it a weekend or a short trip, a long stay, a business event or something completely different, is a must for every gourmet and luxury lover. A metropolis that you won't forget so easily, but that you'll soon miss again - Istanbul in all its splendour, charm and beauty. Ivana models wishes you, as always, a wonderful, relaxing and extravagant stay with your enchanting high class escort model.