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If you like the wonderful Renaissance cathedral in the heart of Luxembourg, you will find many other exciting places and buildings in Luxembourg. Have you ever visited the Grand Ducal Palace, for example? It is majestic and almost overwhelming. Perhaps you would also like to visit the huge complex of tunnels, the casemates of Luxembourg. Luxembourg offers just as much for all historical fans. The National Museum of History and Art and the Historical Museum in Luxembourg's popular neighbourhood should not be overlooked here. In any case, Luxembourg offers a lot of culture, history and art. We can now also assure you that there are fabulous luxury hotels and many places to go for upscale cuisine. We would like to present a few of them to you in the following, and we strongly recommend that you enjoy them!

You have to start with a really fancy and very well visited luxury hotel, which is located in the 40, Boulevard D'avranches, the Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal. The ambience, which you will experience here, with your high class escort model, is described and represented by the guests as very luxurious and glamorous. The huge suites of this magnificent hotel contain, besides all the classics, many extras with which you can make your stay there even more pleasant. The interior should not be forgotten under any circumstances. It is a perfect mixture of stylish elements and a lot of elegance. The suites are designed in such a way that they appear open and almost lively. This is due to the bright and clear colours, which contain a few very bright tones. The huge windows of the luxury suite offer a wonderful view over the beautiful city of Luxembourg. Those who feel a little hunger in between can relax in the hotel's own gourmet restaurant, which the Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal has to offer. 

Last but not least, it is important to mention that all relevant locations are only a few minutes away from the hotel and thus very easily accessible. Not quite convinced yet? Then read on and be convinced by the next great hotel! The Place d'Armes. It offers 28 luxurious suites and rooms, which are equipped with a huge bathroom and a magnificent bathtub, in a baroque and yet modern style. Of course, there is also the excellent equipment, which includes a flat screen and a separate office in which you can prepare your business meetings. Of course, the king size beds in the luxury suites should not be neglected either. Such a huge bed will certainly appeal to the enchanting premium escort girl. The suites offer a few unusual aspects in the form of wooden beams and parquet floors. The view from the roof terrace is breathtaking and will enchant you and your high class escort model. You can look together at the Grand Ducal Palace, which we have already laid out for you at the beginning. Also important is the peace and quiet that the hotel offers, despite its central location. In 7 gigantic buildings, which are all connected with each other, the hotel offers place and a lot of privacy for each individual guest. The chef of the hotel can offer many French delicacies in his gourmet restaurant. Breakfast is served in the Brasserie Pless. A variety of fresh pastries and freshly brewed coffee are on the menu. In the hotel's gourmet restaurant, chef Fabrice Salvador enjoys every new guest and shows them his stunning culinary skills. It is not unusual for a guest to visit the hotel just because of the restaurant. Seasonal food, regional ingredients and a passion that fascinates and infects - this is how chef Fabrice Salvador bewitches people day after day. 

If you want to do some sport after a good meal, you hardly have to leave the hotel. A huge gym is available at the Place d'Armes. A tennis court, a golf course or even large parks for all those who want to enjoy a little wellness and activity can be found here. How about a visit to the theatre after the sport? A great idea, we think. Maybe the City Theatre in Luxembourg is the right place to go. Not only the fans of tragedy gather here, but also all the people who like the theatre. Whether you and your high class escort lady love opera or are just friends of music, you will always find something good here. Also with the language of the Events on variety and alternation is provided. Likewise with the genres. So you can look forward to common evenings with the high class escort model in the area of literature, poetry or also various jazz concerts. The second floor of the theatre offers a small, fine, exquisite art exhibition, in which you can also participate if you feel like it. You can of course also visit the Trifolion, which can accommodate over 700 guests in its large concert hall. It is located in the 2, Porte Saint Willibrord and is very well visited. The acoustics should be the absolute dream, which is why all live events sound heavenly and will completely inspire you. 

The Jakob's Haus in Luxembourg is also rightly in great demand. This can be found in the Rives de Clausen. This bar has two floors. The first floor contains the actual bar and will provide you with first class cocktails and a notorious view. The second floor is used by the chef for wonderful delicacies prepared with passion. Jakob's Haus used to be the banqueting hall of the Mosuel Brewery. The SINS Lounge Bar in Luxembourg has the special advantages of both, a bar and a lounge. And at the same time. This means that you can relax completely and enjoy a little privacy while sipping world class cocktails, as is usual in a lounge. Those who go there in the evening at the weekend can expect cool parties and great music in the 4-6, Rue Jean Jaurés. 

In the Urban Club you will find an international clientele and very good live music and DJs. The genre of the music always varies. A visit with you and the high class escort model will provide joy and surprising hours. In Luxembourg's Brauhaus you can test and enjoy the most beautiful types of beer. Many cocktails are also on the list here. A lounge is definitely not to be ignored when you are in Luxembourg: the Purple Lounge. Here, together with your VIP escort girl, you will experience music and many delicacies in a stunning combination. Here is something for the ears and the taste. While you listen to heavenly music, you can try a few delicacies that will also seem heavenly to you. The traditional brasserie dishes play a really big role with the Purple Lounge chefs, so you can treat your palate to a regional and very traditional delicacy. Whether you're a musician on stage or the fabulous food is underlined by great DJs, you won't regret a visit to the Purple Lounge so easily. We are sure that you will take the best suggestions and have a great time with the high class escort model. If you want to be convinced by all the interesting localities, you should perhaps plan a long holiday in Luxembourg, it has a lot to offer in any case! Ivana models wishes you the most pleasant time!