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The city of love

There is hardly a city in which one can experience luxury, love and romance as well as in Paris. Shimmering colours, charming people, beautiful buildings and an ambience that makes everyone melt. Not for nothing is this lovely city known for its architecture and history like no other. Let yourself be enchanted by the buildings and works in Paris and take the VIP escort girl with you into your magic and the magic that Paris will offer you both. Contemporary architecture, such as the Maison de la Radio, can be admired in Paris. What is the best way to experience such a grandiose experience? Exactly! With one of the charming high class escort models, which you can book around the clock through our VIP escort agency to spend sensual and romantic hour in the big city of love.


Montmartre Path Paris France


An excellent accommodation in the city of love, with the VIP escort girl of your choice, is probably the Peninsula Paris, which opened in 2014 for the first time in Europe, namely in Paris. Elegant, discreet and noble interior is what the Peninsula Paris stands for. Here, nothing is overloaded or exaggerated, you can find simple and enchanting decorations here. In addition, the direct, very short way to the glamorous shopping streets of Paris. If you want to make yourself comfortable in one of the 200 large rooms or the 45 luxurious suites, you can expect a lot of equipment and service. Some of the suites have their own roof terraces, which are huge and offer a wonderful view over the entire city of Paris, and magnificent bathrooms. This is not uncommon here. Enjoy, with your high class escort model Paris, the elegant and seductive touch in which the suites present themselves, as they have been kept in beautiful grey and ivory. The majestic round bathroom will surely give you both a few humid happy moments and take you into a whole new world - in complete privacy, as you would wish. For other, very special, extravagant wishes, you or the VIP escort lady can always turn to the concierge, who will fulfill both of your wishes to make your stay perfect. 

The Four Seasons Hotel George V. in Paris offers an equally noble place to go. The Four Seasons in Paris is known for its magnificent flower compositions, which take the breath away from every guest. Let yourself be enchanted by this magnificent furnishing and get to know the secrets of floristry with your high class escort model Paris. Hospitality is a top priority in this luxurious hotel. You always have someone available for questions, wishes or other concerns - the service is always at your disposal! If a little music history is important to you, you should definitely read on. The Four Seasons George V. Paris is nothing less than the hotel in which the Beatles held their well-known pillow fight about 40 years ago. Since then, the hotel has become more and more glamorous, but it hasn't lost its hip reputation. A perfect mixture of luxury and intriguing history, almost tradition, if you will, is offered to you if you decide to take your high class escort girl with you to this hotel. For all wine lovers the next spot will certainly be a very convincing one. In the cellar of the luxury hotel there are about 50,000 wine bottles. Among them are 2,200 different varieties. Here there is a colourful mixture of white and red wine, champagne, from Hungary, Chile, France and many other wine places. The hotel also provides a good meal with excellent wine. From a rich breakfast to a nice dinner - the Four Seasons George V. Paris offers you all of this. 

The luxurious lifestyle that Paris offers is something you have to savour. Paris is probably one of the best places to enjoy good food in elegant surroundings. Paris is not only famous for its architecture, but also for its fine, exquisite cuisine. At Le Ciel de Paris, on the 56th floor, you can enjoy small delicacies and probably dare the highest view of your life - together with the exciting travelling VIP call girl, who will always spoil you. This house combines the architecture and cuisine of France. It is one of the highest buildings in the world and offers wonderful delicacies. In the Avenue du Maine you will find what you are looking for. A very modern restaurant is the Le Cinq, which is located in the Four Seasons George V. Between golden walls and oil paintings you can take a seat and dine on traditional French cuisine. A great contrast. Don't forget the Grand Restaurant, one of the top restaurants in Paris. It was built by Gulla Jónsdóttir, a renowned interior designer, and is now managed by Chef Jean-Francois Piège. In the 17, Place du Trocadéro you can find the Café de L'Homme, from where you can admire the Eiffel Tower. The Café de l'Homme is certainly very suitable for a romantic evening together with the high class callgirl. For all architectural fans, we recommend the above mentioned locations, as they offer a combination of fine traditional cuisine and many architectural aspects. Le Meurice is probably one of the most famous, excellent restaurants in France. The luxury restaurant has been praised with two Michelin stars and since then has shown the best French cuisine par excellence. A fine selection of exquisite wines and champagnes will be delivered to you. 


Seine River Bridge Pont Alexander Iii Paris France


At Place Vendôme, after having refreshed yourself and enjoyed the view, you can find the most precious jewellers and admire what is probably the most luxurious place in Paris. A long street full of designer boutiques and stunning jewellers. In addition to the classics Louis Vuitton and Chanel, you'll discover one or two new designer brands. Such an opportunity should not be missed if you are already in Paris. In the Club Silencio, after your shopping tour, you can indulge in the music, perfectly dressed. Wooden aspects and gold tones will amaze you, while the DJ plays first-class music and the staff prepares wonderful cocktails for you. At Le Baron, the champagne is flowing, which is definitely a big plus for the club. The private club delivers the best shows and probably has the most expensive and best wine - and a lot of it! In this club all wishes and dreams should come true. Just as all your wishes will come true once you have chosen one of the gorgeous high class escort girls Paris that you can find on our site. In the impressive Lido you will get a great mix of European Charm and Las Vegas. 

Sparkling lights, great light effects, shows that go into the dawn and appearances that are ready to be filmed. Here you will probably be offered the party of your life. Why not take your personal premium escort girl by the hand and let her take you into the party frenzy? In the Lido you can enjoy the orchestra, and this on over 1500 seats. In the charming Rex Club you have large dance floors which give you the opportunity to let off steam with the VIP escort in Paris. Forget together all your stress for a short moment and live in the moment. You will be able to meet varied music and a great DJ here. Architecture, luxury, food, romance - Paris has got you covered. For whatever personal reason you want to go and which of the high class escort models you want to have with you, is completely up to you. We hope that you will have a pleasant time in the city of love!