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Stockholm - a city consisting of fourteen whole islands, known for wonderful nature, hospitality and a culture like no other. And all this at any time of the year or day! Experience, together with your high class escort model, the beautiful corner of Stockholm and enjoy the cultural and culinary specialties of this city, it feels like there are 1000 restaurants. In the streets of Stockholm you will find many extraordinary shopping miles and sights. Not to mention the exclusive nightclubs that Stockholm has to offer. On a boat trip you can cruise along the islands and admire Stockholm from the water. There are plenty of museums in Stockholm - you can find over 70 here! For those gentlemen and ladies who enjoy romance and perhaps long for it, Stockholm offers a great opportunity. You can enjoy the clear waters and beautiful greenery while walking together. Just as well you can go swimming in the beautiful waters and admire your high class escort model Stockholm in a short and elegant bikini. That would be something, wouldn't it? The magnificent city of millions skilfully combines cosy areas with fine elegance and luxury. 


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Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Stockholm! As beautiful as Stockholm is in summer, it is also in winter - glittering lakes, islands and a dark, cosy horizon. Those who want to enjoy the advantages of a luxury hotel and still feel at home can book and move into one of the glamorous suites of the Ett Hem Hotel. Fresh and traditional meals are offered to you here, with love and sharpest precision. All luxury suites are very modern and fascinate at the same time with old-fashioned aspects and details. The staff is always polite, yet very familiar and friendly. From the warm welcome, the well-rehearsed service team will take care of everything you and your high class escort model could wish for. On only twelve very private suites, you can experience and make the most of full luxury in combination with cosy and comfortable furniture. The rooms are all elegant and glamorous. You will also find your own library in the hotel, where you can retreat for a while. Equally self-evident: A large offer for sporty activities, if you would like to power yourself up with the sporty high class escort model. The luxurious boutique hotel is painted in classic gold and brown shades and contains many vintage materials. In the resort's cute garden, a number of flowers and beautifully designed vases create an idyllic scene. This is even possible if you want to make your trip to Stockholm in winter, as the garden warms the guests with fire at that time. Close to the boutique district, the hotel provides the perfect location for those who would like to go shopping and walk along the streets. 

Those who are interested in culture and art can relax from the hotel and visit the Vaso museum or the royal palace without having to walk long distances. In the sleek suites of the Ett Hem you can make yourself comfortable in Italian bed linen and golden bathrobes with your sexy escort model. If you prefer to stay directly at the waters of Stockholm, you can book a double suite in the Lydmar Hotel, where you can spend time with the charming premium escort model. The hotel offers very special comfort and this in a design that will impress everyone. The suites are all individually furnished, so no two are exactly the same. The Lydmar also has an art collection with great works of art. The comfortable rooms show the guests a view of the beautiful old town. In the hotel's own restaurant you can enjoy the equally beautiful view and delicious dishes. You can either sit indoors or enjoy the good weather on the terrace. The Bank Hotel is a renowned luxury hotel. It has the perfect blend of small intimacy and great glamour, of past and present. The hotel used to be a bank, which is why it bears its present name. It was built in the 20th century. Marble and modern aspects adorn the exterior of the luxury hotel. High, beautiful glass ceilings and modern furniture create an open and pleasant atmosphere. Convince yourself of this unbelievable beauty and that of your high class escort lady. Light and very natural colours provide the necessary well-being in the individual suites and rooms and will keep you in the mood at all times. The cocktail bar on the roof terrace of the hotel is very well suited for an evening drink. The Bank Hotel is very close to everything cultural that Stockholm has to offer. 


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The VIP Nightclub Bergmans is an internationally coveted club with an amazing atmosphere. 
14 tables, for the VIPs, surround the excellent DJ, so that you can be offered as a great show as possible. For many friends the Bergmans is a popular place to go. At Berns you can enjoy good music, excellent food and great theatre or music performances, all in one building. A special performance, isn't it? Some very popular Swedish musicians have celebrated their comeback in this lovely club. Färgfabriken is adorned with modern art and a heavenly concert hall in the middle of the huge building. Even though it is not possible to use Färgfabriken as a club every day, it always offers great entertainment. In Lövholmsbrinken 1 you can convince yourself of all the selected aspects and enjoy the wonderful time and the ambience. F12 Terrace is a versatile, popular summer club in Stockholm. Only the best and selected DJs are here to keep the guests happy and give them a wonderful and party-packed evening. Here you can relax with a drink and enjoy the time with your high class escort lady. In the same way you are also allowed to dance wildly with her or even play a little tennis. Everything is possible here. For the dear jazz fans among us, Carnival is the perfect place - one of the coolest jazz clubs in Sweden. 
International artists and a sophisticated clientele find their place here. As soon as the wild music starts, the club turns into a dance oasis where no foot can stand still. 

Are you looking for a funny evening with a humorous and stunning high class escort model? Then you consider a bookig through the VIP escort Agency Stockholm and take them with you to Carnival, probably the most exciting jazz club. Morfar Ginko is a very popular place to party at night in Stockholm. The club, which is more of a loft, can be proud of its top DJs. To their music you can also swing your dancing leg with your top escort model. Last but not least we would like to introduce you to Público, a restaurant that turns into a Latin American nightclub in the evening and makes every guest dance. Besides the extraordinary, exotic cocktails, you can taste the delicious dishes of the restaurant and have a wonderful time with your high class escort model. The club's acoustics overtake any other and are well worth experiencing. Let's go! The best thing is to pick your favourite out of the beguiling high class escort models and take them on an exciting journey to shimmering Stockholm.