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Enchanting Zurich with the enchanting vip escort model

Zurich is the luxury city par excellence. The heavenly ambience, the numerous luxurious accommodations, world-class delicacies and many beautiful people - Zurich is a must-see for everyone who loves glamour, relaxation and pure luxury. You can spend money anywhere in Zurich, there is plenty to see and do. Whether you are planning a luxury holiday, a shopping tour, a wellness holiday or simply want to be enchanted by the beauty of this city, everyone will find what their heart desires. The best way to enjoy this is of course with an equally enchantingly beautiful high class escort model, who can be booked at any time through our discreet VIP escort agency. So why wait any longer? We show you the best spots in Zurich! 


Escort girls in Zurich


The 5 star Hotel Park Hyatt Zurich, which is located at Beethoven-Strasse 21, is one of the most popular hotels in the world and lives up to its name. Every popular place, every uniqueness of the sophisticated Zurich is right in front of you and the charming high class escort lady. All important and worth seeing places are only a few minutes away, so that you can experience this holiday spontaneously without having planned a great holiday beforehand. Dias Park Hyatt Zurich is a good starting point for anyone who wants a small but safe adventure. The shopping mile in Bahnhofstraße is within walking distance. So if the top escort model at your side is in the mood for a little shopping trip, you can do it very comfortably for both of you, without having to travel a lot. 

Expensive boutiques, elegant jewellery and fine watches - also for men - are available here, along with many other stores. The long shore is perfect for gentle walks. Romantic and sparkling moments with your VIP escort lady are guaranteed here. The Park Hyatt is also well prepared for meetings or other important business meetings, so it offers you a large selection of elegantly furnished meeting rooms. The Steigenberger Hotel in Zurich, which is also one of the most famous, is very mysterious and therefore very unique and charming. The luxury hotel impresses again and again by the almost tangible ambience and the design, which is held in the 1920s style. If you want to go back a bit to the noble time of the 20s, you are very close to your dream in the Steigenberger Hotel. 51 rooms and suites offer the most exclusive luxury a man can imagine. The interior design and furnishings of the respective suites take everyone's breath away. The fact that you are only about 5 minutes away from Sechseläutenplatz, which has a large opera square, is another plus point for the charming 5-star hotel. Maybe you and the VIP escort lady are in the mood for a sensual opera performance? 

The Small Luxury Hotel Ambassador in Zurich has, besides the Deluxe and Superior Suites, also the Superior Plus Suite, in which you can make yourself comfortable with the VIP escort model. Full privacy goes without saying. The concierge, who is available around the clock, will help you both with any inquiries or problems. The same applies to the room service, which deals very precisely with your orders and brings everything exactly according to your ideas. Zurich's nightlife is attracting more and more people. This is not least due to the special charm the city has at night. In addition, the best parties are offered to you in Zurich. The clubs are exquisite and exclusive, the facilities modern and high-quality and the live music always perfect. The Kaufleuten Club is the most popular address if you are looking for an entertaining night in Zurich. The club is also regarded as a restaurant and lounge - so here everyone will find something to suit them! A mixture of mainstream, hip hop and electro attracts the most diverse clientele. This ensures that waiting times are often very long and not everyone comes to Zurich's hippest club. However, they and the hip high class escort are certainly not denied access. 

The Plaza Club is a club that is also very popular for all party people in Zurich. The design of the club is very modern, but discreet. Two floors with various dance floors offer plenty of space if you want to dance through the night with your party-happy VIP escort girl. If you want a more relaxed evening, you can settle down in the club's three bars or visit one of the four lounges. The Maskotte is located in Theaterstrasse and scores with the regional and international DJs who make the dance floors quake and keep everyone in a good mood. In addition, a few celebrities are often seen devoting themselves to music and enjoying time. You should definitely do this with your high class escort model. Those who like innovative clubs are not wrong at the Hive Club in Zurich. Artistic components and an open-minded team that creates a great ambience. The design and furnishing of the club is well thought out and very impressive. Electronic music is on the agenda here every day, mostly with local DJs and great live music. 

The Widder Bar & Kitchen is one of our favourites, as it has both cultural aspects and a lot of modernity in it and presents it well. The culinary delicacies will show you a piece of heaven. A moment that you should best share with one of the elegant high class escort models that you can choose through our VIP escort agency. The flair of the bar is very extravagant and attracts so many people from all over the world. As the boss of the bar is constantly evolving and reinventing himself, the offer always varies so that everyone will feel comfortable. If you are already in Zurich, you should take your high class escort with you on a small shopping tour. There you can see and buy new Dior high Heels for ladies and Ludwig Reiter shoes for men almost next to each other. There you will find Midanis, a shoe shop which presents heavenly ladies' as well as various men's shoes. Maybe you will find some new shoes together? 

At Liska, probably the most established and traditional shoe store in Zurich, you can experience the latest collections up close. The brands include Saint Laurent and Fendi. Not too far away, you will find a fantastic wine cellar. This is called Villon and shows you a huge selection of different wines. On four floors, which go down to the ground, a great picture is created in beautiful, light light light, which reveals the selected varieties of wines. Taste some of the best wines and discuss your favourites with the high class escort girl. Of course, the artistic aspect must not be left out in Zurich either. The galleries are very well suited for this. Antique works of art and newfangled pictures are paired here in a beautiful design, so that the differences and similarities are presented to you so precisely that you can talk about them with your high class escort for days afterwards. In addition to the pictures and paintings, furniture and various jewellery items can also be viewed and admired here. We find a very suitable and harmonious conclusion for a small trip to Zurich. We wish you a very special sensual and exciting time in beautiful Zurich with the beautiful high class escorts that you can find and book with us at any time. Greetings, Ivana Models.