Daily • available from 10:00 to 24:00
  • 2 hours 800€
  • 3 hours 1100€
  • 4 hours* 1.250€
  • 5 hours* 1.450€
  • 6 hours* 1.600€
  • short overnight**
    up to 12 hours
    the start from 20 o'clock 2.000€
  • long overnight**
    up to 15 hours
    the start can be set at your choice 2.300€
  • long overnight**
    up to 18 hours
    the start can be set at your choice 2.600€
  • 1 day
    (up to 24 hours) 3.100€
  • 2 days
    (up to 48 hours) 4.500€
  • 1 additional day 1.400€
  • 2 hours 1.000€
  • 3 hours 1.300€
  • 4 hours* 1.450€
  • 5 hours* 1.600€
  • 6 hours* 1.800€
  • short overnight**
    up to 12 hours
    the start from 20 o'clock 2.200€
  • long overnight**
    up to 15 hours
    the start can be set at your choice 2.500€
  • long overnight**
    up to 18 hours
    the start can be set at your choice 2.900€
  • 1 day
    (up to 24 hours) 3.500€
  • 2 days
    (up to 48 hours) 5.000€
  • 1 additional day 1.700€

* incl. lunch / dinner / room service
** incl. dinner / breakfast / room service


Fee structure of the High-Class Escort Service

We are happy to be able to procure a high-class escort from our First-Class Escort Agency for you. Book one of the VIP Call Girls High Class Escort Service Models and prepare for exclusive service, eloquent and fascinating women and a sexy spark of passion. The VIP call girls by your side are real gems - jealous looks from other men are guaranteed. We look forward to hearing from you!
The fees of the self-employed models of our High-Class Escort Service are divided into two price groups: Gold and Platinum. This page provides information about the fees for each price group. All rates include taxes, but exclude possible travel costs. Information about the travel costs of the individual Travelling VIP Escorts is included in their profiles.

The fee category is not an indicator of value to the agency. The model decides for which category she wants to be booked. The category is solely the models and a condition for cooperating. Otherwise, this escort would not work with Ivana Models Escort and would not offer her erotic service. The travel costs of different High-Class Service Ladies may vary as they may take different travel routes. If you have any questions about the travel costs of a Travelling VIP Escort Lady, feel free to reach out to us.

Deposit for your High Class Escort Date

If you would like to meet one of the high class escort models in another city or outside of Germany, this is of course possible. We ask new customers for a deposit of 40%. Please settle this amount by bank transfer or Western Union.

With clients, who have at least used our service 3 time, we don’t require a deposit. Possible bookings of flight or train tickets for the lady can be made by credit card. Please note that we do not have the possibility to book the fee from your credit card. For trips by airplane, the ladies require an additional 50EUR for parking or for taxi transportation to the airport. Should you be interested in a home visit, as a new customer, please note that we require a 100% payment in advance and your copy of your ID card.

The booking period

Please note that short dates of 2 hours or more can only take place in the respective hometown or within a maximum radius of 50 km of the escort model. The duration of the date depends on the distance to the hometown. You can find more information on the page of the city.

Payment with foreign currencies

If you would like to pay the fee of the escort model in a foreign currency, please mention this before booking. In order to avoid possible fees or fluctuations in the exchange rate, fees in foreign currency should be paid in cash or by bank transfer. If you prefer to pay in foreign currency, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 5%. The current exchange rate at the time of the currency exchange in Germany applies. Please note that we cannot offer you the online exchange rate that is listed on Google. The following foreign currencies are accepted: British Pounds, Swiss Francs and American US Dollars.

Further informations you will find here:

Paymentinformation | Bookinginformation